10 Truths About Natural Honey

We all know that honey is one of the most valued and ancient natural products introduced to humankind for a very long time. It is an edible product that is used in many food products as a natural sweetener. It is also employed as a natural remedy for burns, inflammation, and cough and has many wound healing properties. Many of the Ayurvedic experts recommend honey for treating insomnia owing to its hypnotic action.

Best Raw Honey Brands in India

Natural honey has multipurpose use as it is used in many diverse ailments such as asthma, hiccups, hepatitis, constipation, ulcers, and many eye diseases as well. There is a never-ending debate that honey is healthy, raw, or regular? There are many beliefs associated with both of them; some believe that raw honey is used to maintain optimal health, while others believe that there is no difference between them.

Ensure to find the best raw honey brand available in the current market. As Raw Honey is prepared by extracting honey from the honeycombs in the beehive, it is poured over a mesh or a plain cloth to segregate the honey from the wax.

The production of regular honey is way different than the production of raw honey. Regular honey is pasteurized (the process in which the yeast is destroyed by heating it) and filtered. This process is done to make the honey smoother. The process of filtration removes many impurities and air bubbles.

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Some of the truths about Natural Honey

  1. It is completely real
    Raw Honey is completely natural. It is 100% unadulterated. Honey Basket is the most talked-about brand when it comes to buying raw honey online. It is rich in many minerals such as magnesium, zinc, calcium, etc. This company only partners with the beekeepers who take care of the bees and not just see them as a money-making machine. There are many other raw honey brands in India that offer good quality and affordable range of raw honey and one such trusted one is Zizira. The raw honey is available at different prices depending on the amount you intend to buy.
  2. Raw, Not Pasteurized
    The process of pasteurization kills many nutrients. The manufacturers of Raw honey see to it that they never pasteurize the honey to maintain its molecular integrity. The honey undergoes testing before it is all packed and sealed in a bottle. Good quality Raw honey in India is the best sell out in international markets.
  3. The honey is extremely rich in nutrients.
    It is rich in antioxidants, minerals and works as a substitute for sugar. Some of the Best raw honey brands like Zizira leave no stone unturned in giving the customers value for their money.
  4. It is strained, not filtered.
    It can contain leftover parts of the bees or the remnants of wax. It is strained to remove all these leftovers and not filter them.
  5. Presence of pollen
    The presence of pollen in raw honey allows the manufacturers to trace the honey back to its original source.
  6. There are no hidden ingredients.
    There are no hidden ingredients in the raw honey that you buy online. It is 100%, pure natural honey.
    In some scenarios, honey might contain traces of corn syrup in order to increase the quantities and save the overall cost. However, it is mandatory that it undergoes a test, so there is no chance of it being adulterated.
  7. It is extremely delicious.
    It is incorporated with several different types of honey, such as clover to make it taste even more delicious.
  8. Fuel source
    You can feel extremely driven after consuming honey as it has a low glycemic index. Pure and Raw honey makes you feel extremely sharp and active.
    It will help you seize the day!
  9. It has no expiration date.
    The most astonishing fact of honey is that it doesn’t expire given that it is processed properly. However, in order for that to happen, you should keep honey in air-tight containers.
  10. Crystallization
    It is bound to undergo a natural process called crystallization, and you can be a witness to it as the white flecks in it when it becomes solid. Thus, there is more than one reason to buy raw honey online and indulge in its lucrative benefits.



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There are several brands that claim to deliver rich quality and pure honey. But not every brand offers what they claim. So, do proper research when searching for raw honey online and buy the best one! Consider checking out the exclusive range of honey and infusions available at Zizira!

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