Benefits of Using Natural Honey for Weight Loss

Honey is widely popular as a natural sweetening agent and the ultimate, healthy substitute for sugar for sweet delicacies, syrups, or as an add-on to your morning cereal. Apart from being a key kitchen ingredient, honey in its purest, and natural form is known to have a plethora of health benefits; it can enhance skin health, possess antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory properties. Well, to add to the list, pure natural honey can also be used in weight management regimes. Surprised? While honey contains sugar as a key ingredient, you might be wondering how it aids in weight loss. We have elaborated on how honey and weight management are interlinked in our article; hope you find this informative!

Yes, sugar is a key ingredient in honey, but the sugar content in natural honey is rather beneficial for your health, and natural or raw honey is considered immensely rich in nutrients. While refined sugar is usually considered as empty calories and influences weight gain, nutrient-rich raw honey acts as a catalyst to help the liver produce glucose. Studies even cite that honey when consumed in its raw form helps burn deposited fat in the body faster, thus, aids in weight reduction.

Intermittent hunger pangs are common for all of us, and we never hesitate to grab a snack any time in our busy schedule. Those with a sweet tooth lean more towards sugary snacks such as a bar of chocolate or chocolate fudge to satiate mid-afternoon or late-night food cravings. Excessive consumption of carb-rich food, though unintentionally, will lead to weight gain, and it’s quite difficult to reverse this weight gain. Raw honey, when consumed in moderation, helps suppress hunger pangs, and helps you keep your snacking needs in moderation.

Honey taken from a glass

Here are some key ways raw honey can be consumed to keep you manage your weight without much hassle.

Honey & Cinnamon: Raw honey and cinnamon make a robust combo for aiding in weight management. Like raw honey, cinnamon is proven to be rich in nutrients and metabolizing properties. Cinnamon, usually derived from the bark, can be combined with honey to not only flavor and that spicy touch to your delicacies or beverages, it will help you keep unintended weight gain at bay. So, next time, consider adding a spoon of honey sprinkled with cinnamon to your tea, green tea, sweet delicacies, and other dishes. You will be astounded by the burst in your taste buds. Coming back to the weight loss aspect, this robust combo of honey and cinnamon helps in accelerating the body’s metabolism, burning deposited fat faster, and keeping you healthy, active, and energized for the day.

Honey & Lemon: Well, lemon’s plethora of health benefits is common knowledge. Aiding in weight reduction is key among them. Take a glass of lukewarm water, squeeze half a lemon’s juice into it, add a spoon of indigenous honey to it, and you are on the right path to start your day. Consuming this concoction consistently aids in effective weight management. This blend will act as a detoxifying agent and will leave you energetic for the power-packed day. Though morning consumption is the most effective one, you can bottle this blend and drink it intermittently throughout the day to stay refreshed.

Honey & Garlic: Honey and garlic may seem an odd combination, but when it comes to weight management, this combo’s efficacy can’t be understated. Raw garlic with a spoon of honey in the morning will initiate the detox process in the body. Besides, this is known to improve digestion, reduce stress, high blood pressure, and boost immunity. Garlic is a potent ingredient to bring down bad cholesterol levels, and when it is consumed along with raw honey, the effect is indeed amplified.

Pure Natural Honey

In today’s competitive marketplace, every other brand claims about offering natural or organic honey. Though this might not be the case actually, the term “natural” or “organic” may seem a myth. Unlike processed honey, raw honey is not filtered, it’s rather squeezed from the honeycombs and strained. Raw honey is nutrient-rich as it is not lost in the filtering/pasteurization process to make it smoother and glossy. If you want to be doubly sure about if the honey is actually raw, watch out for pollens and impurities in moderation in the honey. Unlike pasteurized honey, raw honey does not have an expiration date. So, no matter if you prefer the offline or the online mode, purchase raw honey from some of the trusted raw honey brands in India and put the weight loss worry into the backburner.

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Best Raw Honey in India

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