Growing Strawberries Changed the Lives of Farmers

July 08, 2020

Growing Strawberries Changed the Lives of Farmers

A Research Station Helping Farmers Growing Strawberries

What you see above is a Zizira team member holding freshly harvested strawberries from Dewlieh farm in Meghalaya. In the middle of April '15  team Zizira  made one more field visit - this time to Dewlieh Strawberry Farm run by the Directorate of Horticulture of the Government of Meghalaya. Dewlieh Strawberry farm is a research and development station and is under the care of Solomon Pyngrope, who is also in-charge of the Government seeds farm at Umwang. Did you know that growing strawberries have changed the lives of many farmers in this region? Read a truly inspiring report about how farmers have benefited by growing strawberries. The Dewlieh Farm experiments with strawberries, flowers and vegetables. But, their present focus is on strawberries. The farm now generates its own strawberry seeds, whereas, earlier the farmers had to purchase the seeds from the market.
Trivia: Did you know that the seeds of the strawberry fruit are on its skin? Visible outside? See the above picture closely and you will notice the seeds all over the fruit.
The produce from this farm are sold in the local markets of Shillong and also in markets in the States of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh. Learn about the government schemes to help farmers. Download ebook. Here is a photo report of the Zizira team visit to a strawberry farm What you see below is the view as you enter the Dewlieh Strawberry Farm – notice the greenhouse structures that are used for growing Gerbera flowers. The white parallel lines on the right are the strawberry fields. strawberry farm in Umsning, northeast India helping farmers in growing strawberries
Did you know? The normal production of the strawberry in Meghalaya is about 400 Kgs per day while the demand is a tonne a day (1000 Kgs a day)! Is there not an opportunity here for enterprising farmers to grab?
What you see below are the Strawberry beds at the Dewlieh farm. The rows of Strawberries growing in raised beds are a striking sight, is it not? research stations helping farmers benefit by learning more on the ecosystem

Handsome Returns to Farmers

Cultivating strawberry fruit is not easy as it needs a lot of care. But the advantage is that it is a short-term crop and the returns are handsome. From what we gathered from the report cited above, farmers can earn anywhere from Rs.40,000 to Rs.100, 000 per season. And a season is around 4 to 5 months - from planting the saplings to harvesting. 9.2% high curcumin Lakadong turmeric health investment pack Our team gathered that there are farmers growing only strawberries and they have a village dedicated to strawberry cultivation called Sohliya village. The Zizira team visited this village too. In the image above, note that the beds have been raised to a certain height and covered with bio-degradable plastic. This is done so that there is enough space for the strawberry creepers to spread evenly on a smooth surface and not get entangled with one another. If grown this way there is ample space for the fruits to grow and ripen. And, this method improves yield. Here you can see the young strawberries nestling among the fresh strawberry leaves on the farm. growing stages of strawberry in Dewlieh farm where farmers are guided on growing strawberries The Dewlieh farm also grows flowers A popular song of the 60s by Nancy Sinatra went thus:
Strawberries, cherries and an angel's kiss in spring My summer wine is really made from all these things
For the Zizira Team it was:
Strawberries, Gerberas on a Sunny Springy day! Organic Strawberries are really growing in this very way!!
In Dewlieh Farm, they also grow flowers in greenhouses. Bright, healthy Gerberas are what greeted the Zizira team on this field visit. Drip irrigation is used to water the plants. This again is a research project and they share the details with floriculturists to help them improve their yield. Have you tasted Meghalaya grown Strawberries? Do you know someone cultivating them in any part of India? Do write and tell us. Buy Now Lakadong Ker

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