Farmers of Meghalaya

Meet The Farmer Folks Of Lakadong Country, Meghalaya

Perhaps you have heard of Lakadong turmeric.

And are curious to dig deep and discover everything about Lakadong?

Well, you are in the right place. At Zizira, we have partnered with real farmers, in the #LakadongCountry, a group of villages about 90kms from Shillong, that grow the best turmeric in the world.

A week ago, we decided to take a trip down to these villages, meet our farmers, and experience their daily work in Lakadong.

This blog is a diary of sorts, of our trip.

Farmer from Meghalaya

How Do Farmers Take Care Of Planting Lakadong Turmeric Seeds?

It's April and spring has arrived. It is the month of planting and farmers are busy preparing their fields to plant varieties of new crops. For Lakadong turmeric farmers the story is no different.
Bei Bina at Iewduh market

Lakadong Turmeric - The Bestselling Spice In The Market

'Bei' is an endearing term meaning Mother in the Pnar language of the Jaintias, a sub-tribe of the Khasi people of Meghalaya. Bei Bina is one of the retailers of Khasi spices in Shillong. I had an appointment with Bei through my sister Lina who knows her well. I intended to get her story out there for my friends at Zizira.