Lakadong turmeric from Meghalaya farms

Growing Turmeric: Practices in the Lakadong Country

The world’s best turmeric comes from the Jaintia Hills district of Meghalaya. In their quest for Lakadong turmeric, Zizira explorers ensconced themselves in Lakadong country with one sole purpose, to bring out the best the world can offer in turmeric. Hand in hand with their supplier the team gave their all unstintingly to realise that purpose. All that would not have been possible without the unreserved devotion of Bah Shadap, the soul behind the sourcing of pure, genuine and unmixed Lakadong turmeric with curcumin content upwards of 7.5%.
Bei Bina at Iewduh market

Lakadong Turmeric - The Bestselling Spice In The Market

'Bei' is an endearing term meaning Mother in the Pnar language of the Jaintias, a sub-tribe of the Khasi people of Meghalaya. Bei Bina is one of the retailers of Khasi spices in Shillong. I had an appointment with Bei through my sister Lina who knows her well. I intended to get her story out there for my friends at Zizira.
Turmeric Festival of India

OMG! The Best Turmeric Festival Ever

Last week, at Zizira, we sort of played this game. Suddenly we were associating the word Turmeric with Festival!

I soon discovered one of the most outrageous Haldi Festivals of India. It seems to have started from an auspicious ceremony for the folk deity of the Deccan Plateau named Khandoba. This deity goes by many other names. The history behind this diety's legend seems fascinating. Instead of trying to explain the history, read Dr. Prachi Moghe excellent and short article "Touch of Turmeric"

Farmers Growing Ghost Chili | Zizira

A Trip to Meet Farmers Growing Ghost Chili and Here's What We Found

At the beginning of February 2017, Zizira explorers visited the Umden weekly haat and witnessed a market packed with farmers and local traders. We learned that a lot of produces sold here, such as black pepper, perilla seeds, ginger, and chilies, are collected from a few local backyard farmers and sold collectively at these haats.
Bhut Jolokia Farmer of Umtangngi, Meghalaya

Bhut Jolokia Farmer of Umtangngi, Meghalaya

In an earlier post, Zizira brought out a story on planet Earth’s fiercest chili: Northeast India’s Assam Bhut Jolokia Chili, with over a million Scoville Heat Units that far exceeds Mexico’s Red Savina’s record of half a million Scovilles.

Bhut Jolokia is also known as Ghost Chili, Naga Mircha, Naga Morich or Raja Mircha
World Spice Congress 2016: Vision of a Sustainable, Clean and Safe Supply Chain

World Spice Congress 2016: Vision of a Sustainable, Clean and Safe Supply Chain

Zizira’s explorers are on a pursuit to discover and create a profitable market for the farmers of Northeast India. It’s fascinating to see the multitude of discoveries on our way as we venture to discover and unleash the potential of Northeast India.

In late February 2016, the Zizira team reached Ahmedabad for the 13th World Spice Congress (WSC) themed 'Target 2020: Clean, Safe and Sustainable Supply Chain”.

Village Growing High Curcumin Turmeric in Meghalaya

Village Growing High Curcumin Turmeric in Meghalaya

You may have read our post on high curcumin turmeric that is exclusive to Meghalaya called Lakadong Turmeric. There is a growing demand for curcumin (the pigment in turmeric that has health benefits) and hence for high curcumin turmeric. Interestingly Lakadong turmeric is grown only in a small region in the state of Meghalaya.