A Guide into the Types of Ginger Varieties in India

Did you know that India is the largest producer of ginger in the world?

As of 2021, India is known to produce almost 43% of the total ginger production in the world. More than 50% of all this ginger production comes from West Bengal, Uttarakkhand, and Northeastern region.

And speaking of Northeast India, did you also know that the best ginger variety in India comes from Meghalaya?

More on this later however, let us first look at the ginger production in India and the different types of ginger varieties found in India.

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Ginger Production in India

Adrak as it is locally known in Hindi, is one of the most used spices in India. People simply love the pungent and aromatic heat it brings to dishes, be it in its dried ground form or fresh.

According to 2019-20 survey, some of the biggest producers of ginger in the country are listed below:

  • Madhya Pradesh
  • Karnataka
  • Assam
  • West Bengal
  • Odisha
  • Gujarat
  • Kerela
  • Meghalaya

These are some of the prominent states contributing to the total ginger production in India. Out of these states, Madhya Pradesh accounted for more than 22.29% of the total ginger production in India, followed by Karnataka at 15.08%, and Assam at 9.94%.

Now that we’ve looked at the different ginger producing states in India, let’s look at the different types of ginger varieties found in India.

Types of Ginger in India

There are multiple varieties of ginger found here in India. These ginger varieties include both the local and indigenous cultivars and the improved ones.

Some of the different types of local ginger varieties are:

  • Ing Makhir
  • Rio-de-Janeiro
  • Thingpui
  • Wayanad
  • Maran
  • Nadia

ing makhir ginger powder

Ing Makhir

The Ing Makhir is Meghalaya’s heirloom indigenous ginger variety that has been growing locally for the longest time. It is known to be one of the most potent ginger varieties out there with a supposed higher gingerol content.

Sleek, slender and highly fibrous in nature, the Ing Makhir is the perfect candidate for dry ginger powder. You would only need a pinch of this potent ginger to bring heat and depth to your dishes.


Not exactly local if you go by its name but the Rio-de-Janeiro ginger is one of 2 exotic ginger varieties found in India. The other exotic variety is the China variety.

Introduced from Brazil, this ginger variety is known to give higher yields than the local varities available in India but is barely considered for use as dry ginger as it gets wrinkled up after drying.


The Thingpui ginger as it is locally known is one of the 2 indigenous ginger varieties found in the north-eastern state of Mizoram. This ginger came into the limelight when it received the GI tag from the Government of India.

The Thingpui ginger is known to have a distinct taste and aroma but is less fibrous in nature.


This ginger variety is found in South India’s Kerela. It is known to be less fibrous but is still suitable for use as dry or green ginger.


The Maran ginger variety is a popular variety that is known to produce high yields and can be used both as dry and ginger ginger.

This ginger variety is also known to be perfect for oil and oleoresin extraction as well.


Nadia ginger or ‘Ing Bah’ as it is locally called in Meghalaya has a smooth light brownish skin with a pale-yellow fleshy body. This ginger is also known to give a higher yield as well and can be used both as dry and fresh ginger.

Ing Makhir ginger from Meghalaya

Which is the best ginger variety in India?

As far as Zizira is concerned, the Ing Makhir ginger that is grown here in Meghalaya is considered to be the best ginger variety in India.

With its high gingerol content, sleek and fibrous body, and extremely fragrant and aromatic flavour, the Ing Makhir ginger is undeniably one of the best ginger varieties out there.

What was once a household name used for both cooking and medicinal purposes, the Ing Makhir ginger has seen tremendous evolution in terms of production.

From being grown in small quantities in a few households to farmers producing tons of this potent ginger for the world to experience.

Zizira is proud to be part of this journey and we’re ever moving ever so slightly forward in proving and releasing the potential that this mighty ginger variety has for the world.

Which is the best ginger powder in India?

The Ing Makhir ginger has all the qualities it takes to make it the best dry ginger powder out there.

From the sleek body to the fibrous nature of its flesh, the Ing Makhir is more than perfect to be used as a dry ginger powder.

Couple that with Zizira’s sustainable solar drying process which helps retain all the colour, flavour, and aroma of this ginger, and that leaves us with the best dry ginger powder for your day-to-day use.

Out of all the ginger varieties that have been mentioned in this blogpost, and many others that we may have missed out on, the Ing Makhir is one ginger that has all the potential of becoming the best ginger variety out there.

Not only is it organically and traditionally grown by the farmers in Meghalaya, but it also packs in incredible qualities which makes it unique as compared to other ginger varieties.

Have you ever tried this ginger variety before? If not, no worry, Zizira has got you covered!

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