Gotu Kola Other Names of This Natural Anxiety Reliever

Gotu Kola, a ‘humble’, ground-covering-weed like plant, is a potent herb with many health benefits. One of the important benefits is its capacity to keep brain health in order. It is known by many different names.

Gotu Kola other names include brahmi, centella, Indian pennywort, marsh penny, thick-leaved pennywort, white rot, hydrocotyle, Indian water navelwort, and talepetrako. (Source)

Zizira is a food products company which operates from Shillong, the capital of Meghalaya in the Northeast part of India – a region known for its verdant landscape, natural springs that irrigate fields, and unique herbs and spices. Gotu Kola grows in the wild in Meghalaya and farmers harvest it as a source of secondary income. Despite the many health benefits of Gotu Kola, its demand has not gone up enough to tempt farmers to grow it as a crop!

Zizira makes plant-based products for discerning customers who appreciate the way we diligently and responsibly partner with farmers and maintain product excellence from the field to urban families.

Gotu Kola for Mental Stress

Modern-day problems such as stress, anxiety, restlessness, and fatigue are so common that we learn to live with it. It has become usual for us to forget where we placed our car keys or a particular file. We simply blame it to a hard day and get on with our lives. We are so negligent of these problems that can have a long-term impact on our lives – such as forgetfulness!

Feeling anxious in uncomfortable situations such as during an interview, delivering public lectures or on the day of the results is normal. But constant anxiety can be a cause of concern, especially if it is producing irrational fear in you causing you to not enjoy life. It can take over your life, hindering relationships, work performance, and personal happiness.

Not many know that prolong anxiety can actually interfere with your attention! It can block the formation of new memories or the retrieval of old ones. Going to the doctor is one solution to this problem. But this will be followed with long prescriptions and pricey tablets.

There are other alternatives to this, such as, turning to nature that has already provided us with natural memory boosters and relaxers. Natural herbs like Gotu Kola can help relieve anxiety and calm your mind. It also improves overall brain functions.

Download the 54 Rare Medicinal plants available in Meghalaya and their traditional uses.

Benefits of Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola

Gotu kola is known by many other names. As we pointed out above, Gotu Kola other names  include brahmi, centella, Indian pennywort, marsh penny, thick-leaved pennywort, white rot, hydrocotyle, Indian water navelwort, and talepetrako. (Source)

Gotu Kola is commonly used as a culinary herb. A little known fact about Gotu Kola is that it can used in herbal remedy for its calming effects. Gotu Kola rejuvenates and calms the nerves. It also boosts memory, gives power to focus and multitask. This medicinal herb contains cobalt, a key structure of Vitamin B12, which helps your body function properly. Its memory enhancing ability makes it a natural remedy for Alzheimer’s disease. Gotu Kola also has anti-depressant properties.

Zizira Pure Gotu Kola As an Anxiety Reliever

Zizira is always on the lookout for finding natural remedies to modern-day health problems. We believe that such problems existed in the olden days as well, but our ancestors knew exactly where to look for answers – Nature.

This time we sought remedies to common problems of forgetfulness and low concentration. The natives talked about a traditional plant from Meghalaya Kynbat Khlieng syiar, or Gotu Kola. It is popular among traditional healers as the ‘herb of longevity’.

Gotu Kola Medicinal Health Blends from Zizira

Gotu Kola Summer Drink

Try this simple recipe for Gotu Kola summer drink

Ingredients for one glass of Summer Drink:

  • Half a mousambi (Sweet Lime)
  • Few slices of fresh ginger
  • Half a glass of water
  • Zizira Pure Gotu Kola

Slice a small piece of ginger. Then, cut the mousambi in half. Put the ginger slices and mousambi in a blender. Add half a glass of water and blend. Strain the juice. Now, add one teaspoon of Zizira Pure Gotu Kola powder to the juice and stir. You can add one teaspoon of Zizira Pure Wildflower Honey for added sweetness.

    Health problems arise because we are continuously racing time and forget to take care of our body and mind. Nature has provided us with all things good. All we need is little care and love for your physical as well as mental body. Zizira products aim at the same and brings to you simple pure ingredients that can be used in day to day cooking and in home remedies.

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