Is Sohphlang a Fruit or a Vegetable? [Infographic]

Flemingia vestita (Sohphlang)

Is Sohphlang a fruit or a vegetable!

You'll wonder about this only till you pop one in your mouth! You will be greeted by a crunchy and juicy taste and will actually be past caring about whether it is a fruit or a vegetable.

 Sohphlang, literally "grassy fruit" in Khasi, is a tuber which is rich in phosphorus and protein. Where earlier it used to be found easily in the wild, its recent demand has turned it into a profitable cash crop.

You will see in the infographic below that it is fairly easy to grow and sell.

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I tried the dried and powdered sohphlang. I mixed it with boiling water and I liked it. I can’t say it tastes like anything I have had before. It was a smooth healthy drink. I also mixed it in cold water and enjoyed it all the same.

I would use this as a probiotic for worms – why not? much better than taking a toxic deworming medicine.

Nijal Shah

Nijal Shah

Respected Sir,
Required Flemingia vestita (Sohphlang) powder to be delivered to Pune,Maharashtra,India.

Badal Nyalang

Badal Nyalang

Hi Nijal,

As shown in the growth cycle above, Sohphlang is harvested only by the end of October.

You can contact us by then and we will definitely assist you with your requirements,

Thank you

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