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The month of July sees markets in Meghalaya flooded with plums. A favorite with the local people – they are eaten as fresh fruits, made into preserves or used to make plum wine.

A fruit seller at Iewduh, a Shillong market place. Notice the fresh piles of plums (Photo Credit Zizira team) Waiting for customers! The plums are from orchards nearby. (Photo Credit Zizira team)

Iewduh, also known as Bara Bazaar, is a market place in Shillong city where buyers and seller from different districts of Meghalaya meets to trade produce.

Santa rosa_Nongumlong

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Don't you feel like reaching out to these glossy rich, deep red colored variety of plums called Santa Rosa?

Plum Centarus

These Santa Rosa plums are from an orchard in Meghalaya. This selection is not as shiny. Does the white coating make you think these may not be healthy? You will be surprised to know that this white coating, called cuticular wax, is given by nature and has health benefits! It is an organic coat and not an indication of residue of pesticides.

Did you know? This wax coating is a source of an organic compound called triterpenoids which could have health benefits? The next time you see plums with a waxy skin, pick them up! Wash them well, but not with hot water – so that the healthy wax coating remains!

Did you know? Plums are one of the first fruits cultivated by humans? Plum remains have been found in Neolithic age archaeological sites along with olives, grapes and figs.” (Source)

Nature's Bounty – a Tree Laden With Santa Rosa Plums in an Orchard in Umlyngka Village, Meghalaya

Plum on trees_Photo Credits C.S.Shabong. Camera Nikon 7100, Lens 18-105mm normal zoom

Did you know? Close to 40 species of Plums are said to exist of which only two varieties of plums are grown commercially worldwide – European plum (Prunus domestica) and the Japanese plum (Prunus salicina). Between these two, the Japanese plums are the juiciest and the tastiest to eat.

According to Sources From the Department of Agriculture, Meghalaya:

  • Plums grow best in elevations of about 1500 meters and above.
  • They grow in abundance in the East Khasi hills and West Khasi hills districts.
  • Satsuma and Mariposa are varieties of Japanese plums and they grow in Meghalaya too.
  • Doris, Santa Rosa, Frontier, Red Beauty are European plums found in Meghalaya.

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