Why Should you Take Natural Turmeric Instead of Curcumin Supplements

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Why Should you Take Natural Turmeric | Zizira

Natural turmeric is loaded with nutrients for your good health. And curcumin is one of them. If your diet mostly consists of processed food, refined grains or added sugar, you're consuming food that is linked to causing inflammation to your body. It will further lead to causing ailments. You might want to consider changing your diet before turning to supplements.

Why? Because natural food has beneficial nutrients such as flavonoids, antioxidants and minerals that aren't in most supplements.

natural food natural turmeric better than processed food

Same as with natural turmeric, which has wholesome nutrients that you may not get from curcumin supplements.

Research studies have discovered over 300 components in turmeric, Most of them valuable for your health. These components include bio-active components; nutrients such as proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, dietary fiber and minerals. Turmeric is good source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Plus natural turmeric just tastes and smell better. And it is less expensive than consuming supplements.

Note: You can work with your dietician on getting a sense of what is required and improve your diet before you start to consume curcumin supplements.

natural turmeric just tastes and smell better

Natural turmeric has multiple healing powers for health, beauy and well-being. (Source)

What Type of Turmeric is Best to Consume?

Natural Turmeric with high curcumin content is the best to consume daily.

Levels of curcumin vary with different turmeric varieties. While most turmeric varieties have an average of 2 to 3% curcumin Lakadong turmeric from Jaintia Hills District, Meghalaya, India has curcumin content above 7.5 to 9.20%.

Bioactive Curcumin gives turmeric it's bright yellow color and incredible curative and medicinal properties.

And Lakadong turmeric is naturally grown without the use of pesticide and fertilizers.

What Type of Natural Turmeric is Best - Lakadong Turmeric

If you're considering to start consuming Lakadong turmeric, keep in mind to always buy pure Lakadong turmeric. Take your time to research on brands who sell unadulterated Lakadong turmeric.

Adulteration of turmeric is an issue. Find out more on why it happens and how can you avoid it.

Since Lakadong turmeric has high curcumin content, it is a powerful anti-inflammatory that can help keep your body free from various ailments.

How to Take Curcumin of Lakadong Turmeric for Health?

Lakadong turmeric has high curcumin so you need to make sure you are taking advantage of it. Here are a few ways how you can take Lakadong Turmeric for your health regularly and increase the absorption of curcumin in the body.

add black pepper with tumerici for more curcumin absorption

1. By adding pepper:

    Your liver can make some food water soluble for easy absorption. Turmeric is not one of them. But, when you consume it with pepper, which is high in piperine, the absorption of the turmeric, is slowed down. Which then increase the absorption of curcumin by your body up to 2000%.

    use coconut oil or coconut milk with turmeric

    2. By eating with good fats:

      It's difficult for your body to absorb the curcumin from turmeric on its own. But turmeric dissolved in fats and if you consume it with fats there are high chances for curcumin from turmeric to be absorbed by your body. So you can consume turmeric with good fats like coconut oil or with coconut milk with a pinch of black pepper.

      eat turmeric with purple food

      3. By eating with purple foods:

        Purple foods such as blueberries, mulberries, grapes, and onions, contain a plant pigment called quercetin. It is a flavonoid that activates curcumin. So you can also add turmeric while you make smoothies with blueberries or if you're cooking curries with onion.

        drink haldi doodh for absorption of curcumin goodness

        4. By drinking it as haldi doodh:

          Golden milk or haldi doodh is a delicious way of taking turmeric. In fact, milk with turmeric will help you absorb the goodness of curcumin. You can also add coconut oil and pepper too. Here is an easy and fast recipe on how to make haldi doodh at home.

          You could try these at home. If you're looking for more creative ways to consume turmeric. You can check this article out.

          How Much Lakadong Turmeric to Consume Daily?

          You can consume 1/2 a teaspoon of Lakadong Turmeric to benefit from its high curcumin content. Remember to consume it with ingredients that can help maximize curcumin's absorption by your body. If you want to learn more about the healing powers of turmeric. Find everything you need from this article.

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