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Winged Prickly Ash: A Special Spice of Meghalaya

Zizira’s explorers bring to you one of the most uniquely flavored spices of Meghalaya – a spice you may not have heard of, least of all tasted!

Winged Prickly Ash or Szechuan pepper comes from the pristine hills of Meghalaya, which is guaranteed to add zing to your palate. This special spice from Meghalaya is used in chutneys and curries. People of Meghalaya relish it as chutneys as well as the rest of Northeast India.

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July 08, 2020

Yes dear old Shillong has a changed in many many ways but the quseinstential essence of this beautiful place that is so close to my heart is renewed again after reading your article. Keep it up and thank you for writing about more that what is seen, but what is sensed.

Badal Nyalang
Badal Nyalang

July 08, 2020

Hi Simone,

Really feels great to hear that our work is reaching out and helping you. Most of our post are from our personal life experiences or field trips, so you can expect more such post in the future as well. Do continue sharing us your thoughts. Thank you!

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