The First Golden Yardstick of our Organization
"I clearly understand the bigger purpose of my organization and I am committed to it".

Understanding The Purpose

“I am here for a purpose”. We have all said this one time or another after joining Zizira. But, here’s the rub. How clearly do we know the meaning of our purpose and stand by it? Are we in the pursuit of a purpose that we are serious about or just something that sounds good? Meaning matters, but how do we find the true meaning of our purpose? When we think more of “giving” and less of “receiving", we will be on the right track to finding the true meaning of our purpose.
An organization’s culture of purpose answers the critical questions of who it is and why it exists. They have a culture of purpose beyond making a profit." - Punit Renjen, Deloitte

What is The Bigger Purpose of Zizira

Zizira’s mission statement, “We are making a difference by pioneering new ideas, opening markets for farmers, proving the potential of the people and the land of Northeast India”, clearly defines the bigger purpose of why we are doing what we are doing. It is about connecting to Zizira’s mission, which is bigger than us, and which also aligns with who we are and what we care about. Personally, I feel like I am all up for challenges and obstacles when I focus my attention on the bigger purpose. By knowing why we are doing what we are doing, will help us contribute in bigger and better ways that nothing else can. Find out what is unique about Meghalaya and the potential of the land. Download ebook. 

Keeping The Purpose Alive

Your perception of what you are doing for your organization can profoundly shift your experience of it. No matter what kind of job you do, you can draw meaning from it and find greater purpose through how you do what you do. Your attitude towards your job will show how well you are committed to keeping the purpose alive within you, for your organization. In simple words; it isn’t about the purpose, it’s how you view your purpose. In fact, keeping the purpose alive will let you know the difference you make to others and your organization. In the end, it’s an amazing feeling when you get greater clarity on how to keep the purpose alive in your organization and be committed to it by retrofitting your purpose to your unique passions, values, and strengths. Buy Now Lakadong Ker

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