The Chicken Wagon - A Zizira Venture

Zizira launches a Fried Chicken Outlet

Did you know that Zizira had a fried chicken food truck? If you are from Shillong, you may well have heard about The Chicken Wagon. Why did we get into the fried chicken business? Check out the Chicken Wagon story.

When we started off, we thought this venture will be like a detour, something that will help us consolidate our bottom line while the product line of Zizira takes off. But, looking at how well Chicken Wagon has been received by the public, it could become a pillar of support for Zizira, and even take off as an independent business on its own! Too soon to tell though.

Vision remains the same

Zizira's vision has not changed -  one of bringing recognition to the hard-working farmers of NE India, starting with Meghalaya and opening markets for them. Our food lab continues to create and market signature products. In fact, the Chicken Wagon is helping market Zizira products in Shillong.

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Locally Designed and Built

Did you know that the body of the food truck was specially designed and built right here in Shillong? We can claim that this is the first food truck, in this city, in the real sense of the word. Like all that team Zizira does, a lot of passion, blended with creativity, went into coming up with the name, in creating the menu, and in designing the food truck. After a few months of test marketing, the truck was launched in October 2017.

Exploration on for High Quality, Local Chicken

Now that we are in the business of fried chicken, the team has been researching the best chickens to source locally-free-roaming chicken. This, we feel, will benefit the local farming community too. The world of poultry farming is totally a new one for us.

Exploration is teaching us interesting aspects of it. We will share with you our learning in another post. Meanwhile, we wait to hear from you. Any questions about this ‘diversification’? If you are from Shillong or visiting Shillong, do check out The Chicken Wagon.

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