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Golden Milk – A Nutritious Blend in a Single Cup!

August 07, 2018

Golden Milk – A Nutritious Blend in a Single Cup!

Golden Milk is another name for Turmeric milk or Haldi doodh in Hindi. It is an infusion of either fresh or ground turmeric with milk or water. It’s a hot or cold drink that’s filled with nutrients till the last drop of it. It’s a delicious drink with many benefits which enhance our health and boost our immunity. It is a home remedy for many ailments.

It is usually used in Indian households for keeping our health intact. It is made by mixing milk with turmeric powder and other various sweeteners and spices. Coconut milk and water can also be used instead of milk.

Turmeric, the main ingredient of golden milk has many health benefits and it has been used as a traditional medicine for nearly 4000 years. Home remedy, as well as cosmetics, are made from it.

The other ingredients also have health benefits. Each ingredient has its own medicinal properties, and when infusing together it became a drink that really helps in keeping our body healthy and strong.

Black pepper which is also a commonly added spice in golden milk is known for its flavor and health benefits. It gives relief from cold and cough, it aids digestion and enhances bioavailability of other ingredients.

In short, the miracle drink has been infused with ingredients which have health factor and the intake of it can bring many benefits to our body. Below are the lists of health benefits we can obtain from golden milk.

Health Benefits of Golden Milk

1. Strengthen Immunity

Turmeric milk has an antiviral property, thus an excellent tonic used especially in cold and flu. It helps strengthen and improve our immunity system and in turn, help fight against a foreign agent.

It is beneficial for children who are exposed to viruses and other bacteria of cold and flu. People who are in regular contact with a lot of people, e.g. commuter by public transport and sport person can also benefits from a regular dose of this miracle drink

2. Get a Good Night Sleep

Drinking a glass of warm milk at night is an age-old remedy for insomnia and many other sleeping disorders. Golden milk helps in inducing sleep, calm mood and body relaxation. The effects of that is because of the properties contains in both turmeric and milk.

3. Helps in Fighting Cancer

According to research studies, Curcumin contents in turmeric has been shown to kill cancer cells and prevent their spread to other areas. It is found to be effective for breast cancer, skin cancer, prostate, colon, lung cancer, etc (source). Daily intake of turmeric milk may help to prevent growth as well as stop cancer cells to progress in their early stage.

4. Clears the Skin

We all know in Indian culture, turmeric is a pious spice and most people apply on their face daily and especially during their wedding, because of all the visible benefits we get – smooth skin for one, removes fine lines and another premature aging for two, reduces acne and lighten scars for three and the list goes on when it comes to skin enhancement.

Taking turmeric milk regularly helps in cleansing the internal toxin accumulated in the body. It helps in detoxifying and eases inflammatory properties, thus gives relief from eczema sting.

5. Blood Purifier

Having an impure blood is like having a slow poison because it will kill us slowly but gradually. They can damage the blood vessels and other tissues where the contaminated blood can reach. Turmeric has always been believed and regarded as a blood purifying agent because it can clear toxins in our body. Thus, regular intake of turmeric milk will help detoxify our body regularly.

Health Benefits of Lakadong Ker

6. Cold and Cough Tonic

Turmeric milk is a commonly used homemade remedy for cold and cough, and other breathing infections. It acts as a cold and cough syrup in many Indian households. The properties that contain in turmeric helps in increasing the release of mucus which in turns flushes out microbes from the body.

The antiviral and antibacterial properties present in turmeric helps reduce the infection and strengthen immunity of the body. Drink a cup of golden milk before sleep will give you a restful night and prevent from coughing.

7. A Remedy for Headaches

Headaches, whether it is due to sinus or stress or migraine can really be annoyed, turmeric increases the flow of mucus and lighten the texture, promoting sinus drainage. People suffering from headaches frequently would be helpful drinking turmeric milk regularly

8. Aids Digestive Problems

Golden milk helps in most of the digestive problems. You have digestion problem, or gastritis, it can also be heartburn due to gastric reflux, golden milk is a remedy for all that. It also increases the flow of bile which helps in fat digestion.

9. Eases Menstrual Pain

Taking turmeric milk during the week of period gives relief from menstrual pain. Turmeric milk also promotes the reproductive health of females since turmeric acts as a mild phytoestrogen. It also increases fertility in women who has hormonal insufficiency.

10. Protects the Liver

Clinical studies and laboratory test found that curcumin in turmeric prevent fatty liver and other liver disorder. The detoxifying property of turmeric reduces the impact of injury to liver tissue by toxic substance, since liver is constantly engaging in processing chemicals entering the body. Thus, regular intake of turmeric milk will help in this process.

The health benefits from golden milk is much more than the ones listed above. Different golden milk has got its own infusion of ingredients and own infusion of goodness.

Zizira Golden Milk from the hills of Meghalaya is a unique infusion of natural medicinal properties of plants that our mother nature provides us in this beautiful land of ours.

Lakadong Ker – Zizira Golden Milk

Lakadong Ker - Zizira Golden Milk

We at Zizira too, are fanatic about health. So, we came up with a product Lakadong Ker, “golden milk” that will help us keep ourselves physically and mentally healthy.

The Lakadong Ker has been infused with lakadong turmeric, Ing Makhir, Cinnamon, Long pepper, Black pepper, large Black cardamom. All these are sourced directly from local farmers in Meghalaya. All the ingredients are medicinal plants and are the source of goodness’s entering the body which makes it healthy.

Lakadong Ker Ingredient

Lakadong Turmeric: Lakadong turmeric is the best turmeric in the world because of its high curcumin content

Ing Makhir: Commonly known as Bengal Ginger, this medicinal ginger from Meghalaya is packed up with all health benefits we could ever ask for.

Cinnamon: Another spice which adds up to the goodness of golden milk is Cinnamon. It is a spice commonly known to have many health factors and is a very good remedy for all types of skin problems. Read more about benefits of cinnamon

Lakadong Ker Ingrdients

Long pepper: Long pepper is another ingredient of the drink. Researchers discovered that this plant holds a key to fight cancer. Read more

Black pepper: Black pepper is another miracle spice added in the golden milk. It is used since ages for both culinary and medicine for its effective health benefits. Read more

Black cardamom:  Black cardamom another spice used in our golden milk is rich in various vitamins and micronutrients. It is an ideal spice with many health benefits and can prevent many diseases. (Will write more about it in our blog. Visit to know more

Golden milk is perfect pick - me – up drink when you need something to keep hunger way until dinner time. The health perks alone can inspire us to make it a daily ritual before sleep or after waking up. It’s a delicious drink as well as healthy in its own natural way.

Even when you are hard press for time, you need not forego your favorite turmeric milk, you can purchase our Lakadong Ker from that you can simply stir into a cup of warm milk or water or coconut milk.

Lakadong Ker Golden Milk

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