Fusion Hand Woven Collection

Eri Silk or Peace silk also known as Endi or Errandi is native to North- East India. It’s called peace silk as the worms are not killed in the extraction process. Eri silk is the most durable and sustainable material that it is passed down for generations as its not easily worn down. It is heavier that other silk and behaves like cotton.

We aim at co-existing with nature by using natural resources wisely and using sustainable fabrics and natural dyes that does not harm the environment.

Each shawl is one of a kind, handwoven and naturally dyed differently. No design is the same.

This Fusion collection from Zizira is a harmony of traditional weaving with the usage of natural dyes with modern designing and dying patters. We are partnering with weavers in the villages to create designs by fusing traditions that have lasted for centuries and add our own modern spin to the products to meet the eye of the modern-day consumer. 

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