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Don’t like to visit the doctor for minor ailments?

Ing Makhir, a potent local ginger root of Meghalaya is widely used for medicinal purposes and home remedies.

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Pure and traditionally grown. No adulteration. No coloring, additonal flavour or preservatives.

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Drawn from ancient wisdom and traditional practices to restore and enrich your health.

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  • Ing Makhir - A Medicinal Ginger

    Ing Makhir’s high gingerol content 7-8% makes it a medicinal ginger variety.

    It is popular among herbal practitioners of Meghalaya due to its characteristics property of relieving body ache and joint pain.

    Cut into slices, Ing Makhir slices has been dried and does not contain any added preservatives or additives.

    Grind the dried Ing Makhir slices to powder and use a pinch in your tea.

    Store the dried Ing Makhir slices in an air-tight container for a long shelf life.

  • Uses Of Zizira High Gingerol Dried Ing Makhir Slices:

    You can grind the dried Ing Makhir slices to fine powder using a mixer or spice grinder or a hand mill. You can even use the slices as is.

    Customers who bought our Ing Makhir found the following helpful:

    1. Adrak wali chai to refresh themselves anytime of the day. Add Ing Makhir to your tea.
    2. Use while cooking. Helps neutralise the heat of other spices.
    3. Use it in bath water. Can be used as a disinfectant in your bath.

  • Health Benefits :

    What makes Ing Makhir special is it's higher gingerol and zingiberene (an essential oil that contributes to its aroma) content.

    Some of the health benefits of Ing Makhir’s high gingerol are:

    1. Relives sore throat or cough and cold
    2. Helps relieve toothache
    3. Naturally wards off insects and pests
    4. Relieves body ache and joint pain
    5. Eases digestion issues

    Click on the link to read more on the benefits of High Gingerol Ing Makhir.

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