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✔ From the hills of Meghalaya. 

✔ Used to spice up pickles, giving them a distinctive aroma and flavour.

✔ It improves appetite.

✔Contains piperine, steroids, glucosides, pipelartine, and piperlonguminine.



Health Benefits

Are you planning to purchase long pepper online and unsure about its uses, and benefits? Here you go. Let’s check out some of the key long pepper benefits! 


Apart from adding that much-needed spice to the food, long pepper is highly celebrated for its usage in the contemporary school of medicine, and Ayurveda along with other natural ingredients. From gastrointestinal problems to lung problems to arthritis to menstruation-related problems, this kitchen spice may come in handy in more than one way.

The piperine, steroids, glucosides, piplartine and piperlongumine compounds in the Indian long pepper are essentially the key behind its medicinal attributes.

  1. The piperine compound in long pepper is responsible for its anti-inflammatory attributes and thus is known to fight parasites and infective agents. Due to this Indian long pepper has been widely leveraged in contemporary medicine streams and to date is used to accelerate wound healing.
  2. Piper Longum finds mentions in Ayurvedic and Unani systems of medicine, particularly for diseases of the respiratory tract, where the long pepper powder is used. Due to these long pepper benefits, you can effectively manage all sorts of kapha aggravating disorders like asthma, bronchitis, COPD, etc. Instant relief from cough, cold, and congestion are also in cards with this magic kitchen spice.
  3. The root of long pepper is used for bronchitis, stomachache, diseases of the spleen, and tumours, etc. So, wait no more. Buy long pepper from Zizira to be assured of only authentic, premium-quality spice at an unbeatable price.
  4. Dry long pepper is also known to improve appetite. An infusion of the root is prescribed after childbirth to induce the expulsion of the placenta.
  5. Indian long pepper is also deemed beneficial against cancer.
  6. Long pepper is considered useful for liver and spleen ailments, diabetes, for stomach problems and toothache.
  7. Considering the widespread sedentary lifestyle choices, weight gain or fluctuations is a common phenomenon. Going for prolonged walks or working out too many hours in the gym may help you burn fat faster. But you have to have a consistent regimen to reap the maximum benefits. If you are not a working-out fan, and would prefer to avoid it as much as possible, try stocking your kitchen with the exotic long pepper. This aromatic spice is deemed effective in detoxifying the body by eliminating AMA toxins from the body. It is also helpful in curbing the sudden hunger pangs that may lead to the consumption of unhealthy fast foods. By enhancing the digestive process, it prevents the accumulation of bad cholesterol, which also helps in avoiding body fat.
  8. Armed with potent antibacterial and antidiarrheal properties, Indian long pepper is extensively used for eliminating diarrhea-causing bacteria and thus keeping other intestinal infections at bay. The dried pippali powder can be leveraged to remove the toxins from the body and effectively reduce the frequency of stools. 

 While we are at it, long pepper might not be recommended for consumption for pregnant, and nursing mothers. It is also known to slow the blood clotting process and thus presents a risk of bleeding and related complications, especially during surgical interventions.


Long pepper was once widely used in cooking, even in ancient Rome, to induce a pungent taste to various dishes.

There seems to be a renewed interest in this spice for its unique flavour and taste. The taste lingers in the tongue. While black pepper stings, long pepper soothes. The spikes of long pepper are ground or broken into coarse pieces and added to soups, stews, roasts, and curries.

It imparts complex mix of flavours like the earthiness of nutmeg, sweet note of cardamom and cinnamon, the spiciness of chillies, the heat of black pepper and a slight tongue-numbing taste, somewhat like that of winged prickly ash

Its bitter, spicy, and warming taste is perhaps due to its volatile, fragrant oils and alkaloids like piplatine, sesenine and pipla-sterol.

In northeast India it is also used to spice up pickles and preserves, giving them a distinctive aroma and flavour.

What Is the Shelf-life of Long Pepper?

Our Long pepper can last for twelve months if it is properly stored. It does not get spoilt, but it will start to lose its potency with time and will not flavour or show its benefits as intended.

How to Store Long Pepper?

Here are a few simple steps to follow in order to keep your Long pepper fresh for a longer duration.

  • Store it in an airtight container and remember to close the lid of the container tightly as soon as you finish using it.
  • Before storing the spikes in airtight containers, make sure the spikes, as well as the bottle, is thoroughly dried because the presence of moisture will cause the seeds to develop molds.
  • Coloured bottles are a better option to store the spikes as it protects it from direct sunlight. If you are using clear bottles, remember to store it in closed cabinets or wall racks which do not receive direct sunlight.
  • Store it away from stoves, ovens, windows and do not keep it on the top of a refrigerator because the heat emitted from them causes the spikes to lose its strength and volatile content.

These are a few ways of how Zizira ensures the purity of all products:

Responsible Sourcing:

We term it responsible because we work directly with the farmers who are well aware of pure Lakadong Turmeric and this is where we emphasize purity and quality. And we are responsible for only working with farmers who practice sustainable farming methods.

Knowing where the ingredients come from:

Zizira deeply cares about where every ingredient comes from. Over the years, the Zizira team has been able to build relationships with the ethical farmers and beekeepers of Meghalaya and Zizira gives importance to providing pure and safe products to customers like you.

Evaluation of ingredients:

To provide you with the best products, Zizira selects the absolute best quality ingredients. The Zizira team as well as farmer partners share the same mission of prioritizing the long-term health of the land. The land is free from all unwanted artificial additives such as pesticides, chemical fertilizers, and insecticides resulting in safe and pure ingredients.

In-house Processing:

All of Zizira's Products are Processed in-house in locations across Northeast India under the direct responsibility of Zizira

Product safety:

In the processing of food, several hazards can creep in. Zizira does not take chances with any kind of hazard – physical, chemical, or biological. Zizira takes every precaution to control them at every critical point in our food processing facilities. That is done with every new harvest of each and every ingredient that is used.

Credible, Safe, and Wholesome:

Zizira follows a similar process for all products. Credible, high standard quality maintenance without excuses. Zizira chooses whom to work with, partner with, to serve you in a way that makes a difference. Zizira’s continued effort and diligent work will contribute to your health, as well as to the prosperity of the farmers as they revive and regenerate traditional farming practices.

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