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Meghalaya Spice Basket


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  • This combo contains 6 exotic and unique spices of Meghalaya that you are not very popular in the rest of India. They are not just tasty but are packed with health benefits.

    Be surprised by the quality and taste of the traditionally grown spices that come from farmers of Meghalaya.

    This spice combo contains:

    1. Perilla Seeds (50gms)
    2. Dried Bhut Jolokia (15g)
    3. Cinnamon Chunks (34g)
    4. Roasted Indian Bay Leaf Powder (50g)
    5. Black Cardamom Powder (50g)
    6. Szechuan Peppercorns (40g)
  • Perilla seeds: Best used for seasoning your salads. Here's a simple recipe: Boil 3 potatoes. Lightly roast 4 tablespoons of perilla seeds for 3 mins in low heat. Once they let out the nutty aroma, turn off the heat. Pound perilla seed in a mortar and pistil or a grinder. Mash the potatoes. Cut onions and chillies. Mix all the ingredients together and add lemon juice and salt to taste.

    Bhut Jolokia chilli : Use the dried bhut jolokia for cooking spicy curries and making chutneys by adding it with other spices in your kitchen. Enjoy the fiery red hot chilly flavor in your dish.

    Cinnamon chunks: This spice blends well with stews, soups and all Indian curries, as it adds a warm flavor and aroma. You can also add the sticks in small quantities for baking cookies, biscuits, bread, and desserts.

    Dried Roasted Indian Bay Leaf Powder: This is a perfect ingredient that adds flavor and taste to your curries or soup seasoning. You can also use it to prepare bay leaf chai, use 1/3 tsp for 300ml cup of tea.

    Black Cardamom Powder: Add this aromatic, flavorful spice to prepare your daily dishes. You can flavor your dal, subzis, biryanis, chole bhature and more. You can also drink it as a tea. Boil water in a container and add 1 teaspoon of the cardamom powder. Add honey and you can serve up to 4 cups of tea.

    Szechuan pepper: Crush the peppercorns to fine powders and sprinkle them in your biryanis, curries, chutneys, and soups.
  • Integrate these spices not just for good taste but also for good health.

    Perilla Seeds are a good source of protein, calcium and omega-3 fatty acid. They also have anti-inflammatory properties and lowers bad cholesterol levels.

    Bay Leaves helps manage diabetes, reduces toxins in the body, supports respiratory health, supports the immune system and aids digestion.

    Black Cardamom is rich in anti-oxidants like minerals and vitamins and is historically used to treat various stomach ailments, common infections, and dental problems.

    Szechuan Pepper contains a high amount of iron that helps increase the hemoglobin content in your body and stimulates the circulatory system. It also helps improve immunity and increase appetite.

    Bhut Jolokia has a high concentration of capsaicin that helps in relieving pains like migraines and joint pains. It also improves metabolism and helps in weight-loss.

    Cinnamon has anti-fungal, antibacterial, antipyretic, analgesic and antioxidant properties that help fight many diseases and keep you healthy.


Pure and traditionally grown. No adulteration. No coloring, additonal flavour or preservatives.

Ancient Remedies

Drawn from ancient wisdom and traditional practices to restore and enrich your health.

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