Lakadong Turmeric for Health

Is Lakadong Turmeric for Inflammation and Pain?

The high curcumin content (7.5 - 9.2%) of Lakadong Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory that can help reduce inflammation and pain.

turmeric for inflammation and pain

Why is Turmeric Good for Inflammation?

Natural anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric stop the enzymes that stimulate inflammation in your body. It prevents, reduces, and relieves inflammation with no side effects. 

How Much Turmeric to Consume for Inflammation?

You can consume 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric to benefit from its anti-inflammatory effects. 

Why Lakadong Turmeric for Mental Health?

Curcumin present in lakadong turmeric can improve the oxygen intake of the brain that further facilitates the brain functions and process. And it benefits the healing of the brain and increases memory functions. 

how much turmeric to consume for health

Is Turmeric for Depression?

Yes, it is. turmeric's powerful anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties reverse the effects of neuroinflammation. 

(*Neuroinflammation is the main cause for abnormal brain functioning that leads to brain health problems and depression)

Use Lakadong Turmeric for Gut Health 

Lakadon turmeric potent anti-inflammatory properties will help relax your gut muscles, allowing the food to be digested easily. And not causing any harm to the inner stomach lining. Simultaneously it improves the immune response of your gut, reducing pain from gastric acids.

different ways to consume turmeric for health 

How to Take Curcumin for Health?

Lakadong Turmeric has high curcumin content and you must take advantage of that. Here are a few ways you can try:

  • Take it with a dash of black pepper. Piperine in black pepper helps your body absorb curcumin by 2000%
  • Take it with good fats such as coconut oil, perilla oil or almond oil. Turmeric dissolves in fats and helps your body absorb curcumin
  • Take it with purple foods such as mulberries, blueberries and black corn. These purple superfoods are rich in quercetin that activates curcumin absorbed by the body
  • Take it as haldi doodh with a dash of black pepper

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