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Lakadong Turmeric

Tummy Ease Potentilla Lakadong Turmeric Wellness Blend

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  • Potentilla Fulgen & Pinecone Ginger Tea Blend

    Indigestion can cause gnawing pain and irritate your tummy.

    It may also leave you feeling bloated and full even after small meals. Such distressing feelings can cause your whole day to go bad.

    None of us like the sound of that! Having a healthy digestive tract can go a long way in impacting your overall health.

    Here’s a natural way you can get rid of indigestion, our Tummy Ease herbal tea blend aids in promoting better digestion.

    Ingredients: Potentilla fulgen powder, Lakadong turmeric powder, black pepper powder, and pinecone ginger powder.

    The ingredients in this blend also helps increase energy and eliminate unwanted toxins from your body. We understand its importance.

    Note: Not recommended for children under 12 years, pregnant women and nursing mothers.
  • How to Use Zizira Tummy Ease Tea Blend:

    1. Add 1/4 teaspoon of Tummy Ease Wellness Drink to cup.
    2. Pour hot water in cup and stir.
    3. Add your choice of sweetener if desired.
    4. Serve warm


    Note: Do not discard the tea blend after 1 use, add another cup of hot water and have it till last drop of essence and goodness is drawn from the herbs.

  • Health Benefits of Zizira Tummy Ease Tea Blend:

    Potentilla fulgen and Pinecone ginger are considered to be highly medicinal. Blended together to provide combined health benefits of potent plants. Some of the health benefits of Tummy Ease are:

    1. Promotes healthy digestion
    2. Helps increase energy
    3. Boosts immunity
    4. Helps improve oral health
    5. Aids in relieving stomach ailments