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Mawsynram Honey 450g


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Raw honey has been used as a folk remedy throughout history and has a variety of health benefits and medical uses. In fact, every house has a honey bottle. It was even used in some hospitals as a treatment for wounds.  

It is possibly the only favorite medicine one can have for cough, cold, and for weight loss. 

With Mawsynram Honey, add this sweetener packed with nutrients straight from the honeycomb, just as found in nature. It has a mild citrus flavor and is light in color with a refreshing scent.

Benefits of using Mawsynram honey 

  • Honey is known to help in boosting the immune system, reducing risk of heart attacks, strokes and helps in reducing weight. 
  • This Honey is an easy and safe choice to treat minor wounds and burns. 
  • Consuming a spoonful of this honey may help the body fight against diseases. 
  • Honey also known to relieve the body from fatigue and boost your energy.

What’s different about this Honey? 

Mawsynram Honey is the winter version of Orange blossom honey. Since Orange blossom flowers usually grow in the months of March and April.  

Hence, this honey is different from Orange blossom honey because the bees of this area at this season fly around collecting nectar from other flowers like Hibiscus, Lemon trees and other wildflowers. 



Pure and traditionally grown. No adulteration. No coloring, additonal flavour or preservatives.

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Drawn from ancient wisdom and traditional practices to restore and enrich your health.

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