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Pure Wildflower Honeycomb Honey (Multifloral Raw Honey)


Tired of eating the normal honey?

Here's something new - Honey with honeycomb!

Honey stored within the honeycomb is the purest, rawest form of honey. The honeycomb of this honey has multiple health benefits.

Zizira brings you Pure Wildflower Honeycomb Honey (Multifloral Honey), sourced directly from a remote village in Meghalaya.

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  • Home of Pure Honeycomb Honey

    Zizira's Pure Wildflower Honeycomb Honey hails from Mawbsein village in Ri Bhoi district, Meghalaya. The natural terrain and refreshing ambiance of this village accounts for the purity of this honey.

    Uncooked and unheated, Zizira's Pure Wildflower Honeycomb raw honey is full of natural enzymes, amino acids, pollens, vitamins, and minerals. It is also fat-free, cholesterol free and gluten free. The honeycomb is soft, delicate and melts easily once the comb is heated.

    Generally known to promote good liver function, consume a spoonful of Zizira's Pure Wildflower Honeycomb Honey every day.

    To ease your mind, we have tested the purity of our honey

    Note: Honey is not recommended for infants and children below 6 yrs.

  • How Zizira Pure Wildflower Honeycomb Honey Was Made:

    Here's what makes Zizira Pure Wildflower Honeycomb Honey unique.

    The natural terrain of the village is pure and clean and the purity of the ambience accounts to the purity of this honey. Traditional beekeepers either plant the flowers that the bees love or place the hive where the wildflowers are growing naturally. 

    Rainfall and micro-climate affect the flowers growing every season which gives the honey a unique identity (flavor and color).

    Local folks love this honey for its delightful taste and for its multiple all-around uses.

  • Health Benefits of Zizira Pure Wildflower Honeycomb Honey from Meghalaya

    1. It contains anti-bacterial properties. You can be used it as a remedy for a sore throat or for treating minor wounds and infections.
    2. The rich antioxidants present in this it helps in improving the immune system of the body.
    3. Honey is made up of two forms of carbohydrates, fructose, and glucose. Consuming a spoonful of this honey can give you a boost of energy.
    4. Wildflower honey also has antiseptic properties. It can be applied to the skin, with other ingredients like Aloe Vera gel, for a healthy and moisturized skin.


    Whether you are preparing a marinade or topping a cheesecake, Zizira Pure Wildflower Honey is a seamless complement.

    1. Snack on it from the jar using a teaspoon or use it as a spread on bread
    2. Drizzle it over your favourite dessert. Use as much as you want.
    3. Add 1-2 teaspoon to sweeten tea, juice or fresh water.

    Whichever way you use this honey, it will tingle your taste buds.

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