Lakadong turmeric Golden latte combo 130g (Pack of 50g & 80g each)


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This is a combo of a blend and plain turmeric for your every day turmeric tea or turmeric milk. This combo includes-

How to use Zizira Lakadong Turmeric?

Ways to use Zizira Lakadong Turmeric for Health

  1. As turmeric paste. Take 1/2 tsp of the turmeric blend as its blended with other ingredients such as pepper longum, black pepper, cinnamon, black cardamom it helps your body absorb curcumin.
  2. Take it with good fats like coconut oil, perilla oil and almond oil. Since turmeric dissolves in fats, your body will absorb curcumin optimally.
  3. Eat it with purple foods like mulberries, black corn, blueberries etc. Purple superfoods contain quercetin that activates curcumin absorb by the body.
  4. Take it as turmeric tea. Easy to make and tasty to drink you can add it with honey and lemon.
  5. Drink it as Golden Milk. It is potent traditional drink in India. Use it with milk (almond or coconut milk), cinnamon, black pepper, coconut oil. Fats from coconut oil aids in absorption of curcumin.

Read about the difference between Regular turmeric and Lakadong turmeric. 




Pure and traditionally grown. No adulteration. No coloring, additonal flavour or preservatives.

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Drawn from ancient wisdom and traditional practices to restore and enrich your health.

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