Traditional Eri Silk Collection

Eri Silk also known as Ahimsa or “Peace” silk is indigenous to the North-Eastern region of India. Meghalaya is well known for Eri silk or Ryndia. The fiber of this silk has cotton-like behavior. Eri has a rougher texture and is heavier than other silks but it can be spun into finer and shinier material. Eri silk is high on Eco-friendliness, sustainability and renewability.

We aim at co-existing with nature by using natural resources wisely and using sustainable fabrics and natural dyes that does not harm the environment.

Each shawl is one of a kind, handwoven and naturally dyed differently. No design is the same.

This Eri Silk collection from Zizira is created to preserve the traditional weaving and natural dyeing process using plants or natural resources that are available in plenty in our region. We are partnering with local weavers in villages of Meghalaya to revive the almost forgotten traditions and uplift them and inspire entrepreneurial skills among them. These Eri Silk shawls are in its purest and most traditional form where the yarn is reeled carefully by hand. It has the traditional aesthetics feel to it with traditional weaving designs.

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