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Green Tea with a Special Herb from Northeast India – Makes a Unique Brew

You know Green Tea – but are you wondering what is Potentilla Fulgens? Sounds like a rank in the Army? What is this mix – of green tea and a herb, you wonder?

Lyngiang - trimmed - mixed with green tea - is a special product of Zizira
Lyngiang – freshly brought to the market, bundled and ready to be sold. (Image Source: Zizira)

Let us introduce you to a little-known herb with well-known health benefits!

You may not find anything too visually attractive in this image, is it not? Just a handful of roots tied together in bunches. Earthy brown in color, no uniformity in size.

But, remember the saying ‘Looks can be deceiving’? This is true of the roots you see here. Nature has hidden great health benefits within them. Meet Potentilla Fulgens (botanical name) or Lyngiang as it is known in Khasi, the language of the majority of people in the state of Meghalaya, in the Northeast of India.



Dried Lynniang - will be added to green tea
Dried Lynniang – will be added to green tea

I had seen my grandmother eat bits of Lyngiang with Kwai (Betel leaf eaten with betel nut – a popular combination that is eaten two or three times a day by many in Meghalaya) and stayed healthy and it was on this that I have done extensive research on” said Dr. D. Syiem who is a Professor and Head of Department of Bio-Chemistry in North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Shillong, when we met him in early September, 2015.

We need to roll back our story a little here – so that we can tell you how we came to meet Dr. Syiem.


Wow! Here is a herb we need to reach to all!

Team Zizira is a team of explorers. Read why so.

Lyngiang was a discovery our team made in early September 2015 when we met Dr. D. Syiem in NEHU.

Dr D Syiem
Dr. Syiem in an informal chat with the Zizira explorers

Our exploration took the team to NEHU to meet with Dr. D. Syiem. Even meeting him was providential. We had an appointment to meet with Dr. Barik. After our meeting with him we asked him to refer us to any other faculty who could guide us about medicinal plants of Northeast India and he suggested Dr. Don Syiem.

And, it was from him that we first heard of the medicinal values of a herb called Lyngiang. He had worked extensively on it. Surprise was that only a couple of days prior to this meeting our team had picked up a bunch of these roots from Bara Bazaar, to find out more about it! Somewhere a message was reaching us from the cosmic region – almost as if Lyngiang was nudging us to notice it!

A Professor at NEHU who has worked on Lyngyiang

Within minutes of meeting Dr. Syiem, Professor and Head of Department of Bio-Chemistry in NEHU,  the topic veered towards Potentilla Fulgens or Lyngiang.

Dr. Syiem had done extensive research on Lyngiang and has published many papers. He found that it can lower blood sugar levels. In fact it can maintain sugar levels in healthy people too.

Dr. Syiem has been hoping to find ways of promoting this wonder herb for a while – through organizations with genuine interest of the Northeast region at heart. He could relate to Zizira’s vision and was generous with his time in walking us through the work being done in his department and also about the potential of the medicinal herbs of Northeast India. A blog post on Dr. Syiem and his work is work-in-progress – you will see it soon on our blog.

Other health benefits of Lyngiang:

  • The root can act as a de-worming agent.

P. fulgens root bark may act as potential vermifuge or vermicide. Source

  • It has anti-oxidant properties. Source
  • Has anti-diarrheal properties. Source

Once the Zizira Explorers found a lead on Lyngiang, which was a herb little known outside the Northeast, with multiple health benefits, they took the sample back to the food lab. Work was done on it – further exploration – to figure out how to reach this wonder herb to you, the potential consumer. What was finally arrived at was dried Lyniang.

We felt humbled to see this post on Dr. D. Syiem’s facebook page:

Finally Lyniang, the wonderful herb I had worked for two decades is ready to share its  magical properties, thanks to Zizira

Zizira is waiting for more such opportunities –  to bring under a spotlight the wonderful work that is being done by scientist like Dr. Syiem and other Government agencies. There is rich knowledge about the local herbs and spices that need to be ‘found’ and ‘broadcast’ for the larger good of the local farmers, for the people who have worked on them and for the many of us who are looking for healthy living as a choice! Zizira explorers have a lot of work cut out for them!

flower of lyngiang
Flower of Lyngiang – belongs to the rose family. Source


Try it and give us your feedback. If you have any questions, contact us. We will follow up as quickly as we can – as we are looking to expand awareness about lyngiang and reach its benefits through this green tea product.

As we sign off we would like to share with you a picture of the flower of Lyniang. The plant belongs to the Rose family.  Is this not beautiful?

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Vilasini Kumar

Vilasini Kumar

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Vilasini Kumar
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