Jobs in Shillong – Working with the Zizira team

We are hiring content writer

Zizira is in search for a Content writer who can write articles or blogs that are authentic, genuine and engaging. You will be specifically writing for Zizira, which is a wholly owned unit of Chillibreeze Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Zizira is a recent initiative of Chillibreeze which aims to add prosperity and improve the lives of the farmers of Northeast India. We plan to do this by encouraging farmers to grow high-value crops which will not only fetch them better prices but also provide for a better life for them and their families.


  • Write articles based on topics provided by Zizira. You will be provided with guidelines, contact details (wherever possible or appropriate) as well as expectations for each such article.
  • Your articles need to resonate with the vision of Zizira and each will have to project a specific theme (discovery theme, unique to Northeast India and traditionally organic)

Working Environment

You will be exposed to a culture which practices instant and constant feedback, all exchanged candidly. So be prepared to receive some amount of constructive criticism of your work. Another Chillibreeze’s values is accountability, which means that you will be expected, at all times, to provide an account of your activities related to the project(s) assigned to you. This means that you will be expected to meet deadlines with awesome quality and the kind of appeal that gets repeat readership on our website.


  • Live in Shillong
  • Can write passionately and with focus
  • Willing to work long-term
  • Are professional regarding quality, deadlines and commitment


  • Write about farmers and their lives
  • Write about different food products and their usage
  • Explore and write about
    • The agricultural potential of Meghalaya
    • Agriculture entrepreneurship
    • Other topics based on immediate requirements


  • Provide your details in the application form, by clicking on the "APPLY NOW" button below
  • We will screen your applications and shortlist the candidates who meets our requirement.
  • Shortlisted candidates will be invited for a one-on-one interaction.


  • Candidates with a fair amount of exposure to various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Receptive to customer needs and a great team player.


23 thoughts on “Jobs in Shillong – Working with the Zizira team

  1. Hello,
    Respected madam/sir.
    It is so nice and pleasant to see the perspective of the zizira company in collaboration with chillibreeze to developed so many food product of north east , especially the sohphlang powder. It is such an appreciation and honour for the state.. Keep it up:)

    1. Hi Magdalyne,

      Thanks for writing in!

      Really appreciate your thoughts. As of now we are still discovering and exploring the vast potential of Meghalaya and yes Sohphlang is indeed one of the locals favorite so definitely worth showcasing it.

      Thanks again.

  2. Hello Sir/Madam.
    i am keen to know whether your company will provide training regarding soap making. I would be more than glad if i can be part of your training if there is any.
    your earliest reply would be of great appreciable .
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Shanborlin,

      Thank you for writing to us. As of now Zizira is only focused on food products. But if we do see a potential for utility items, we will surely explore that in the future. So stay in touch!

  3. Sir
    are there any jobs for freshers with diploma and with in food technology at your company?I am a diploma holder and right now pursuing ,..and one of my friend is about to complete his So, if any kind of job is available ,please inform me and also by email. I also would like to know any training or internship in your company.

    1. Hi Abhinab,

      Thank you for writing and your interest to work with us.

      At this point of time, Zizira is not hiring for any position. However, we have tracked your inquiry in our data base for future references.

      As of now, we do not provide any training or internship program at our company but in future if we plan to provide such kind of training, we will notify you.


  4. Hello sir,
    Why only shillong, why not open a zizira branch in Tura also.sir,it would be nice to work with you all since I’m a horticulture graduate and pursuing my MBA in Agri-business management and food technology.

    1. Hi Alyssa,

      Thank you for writing in,

      We would have loved to have you working with us at Zizira. However, we are a very recent startup and are still in the process of consolidating ourselves and building our brand. So as of now, our base of operations is limited only to Shillong.

      Talking about Garo Hills, we recently met a lady farmer from Mukdangra and we hope to be able to bring more and more stories from Garo Hills. Do let us know what you think.

      Thank you again!

  5. hello sir,
    are there any jobs for Graphic Designing and Motion Graphic artist at your company ? if any kind of job is available, please inform me and also by email. I also would like to know any training or internship in your company.

    my number
    +91 – 8527837718

    1. Hi Danish,

      Thanks for writing in!

      As you could see from the above requirements, we do have an opening for a graphic designer. Please do use the form above to let us know of your interest and we’ll get back to you.


  6. Hello sir,
    I am a btech graduate and i hail from a place where traditional arrows and bows are being made. Is there any means that you can popularise this business.

    1. Hi Bashngain,

      Thank you for writing in!

      As of now Zizira is only focused on promoting the unique food products of Northeast India. However we would love to venture into traditional handicrafts and utility items in the future. Do stay in touch.

  7. I am looking to work with Zizira in Shillong as Content Writer and I have a cousin who has completed her computer certification and her Tally ERP 9.0

  8. It’s great to see a company like Zizira exploring Meghalaya and bringing it’s vast potential in the food sector. Our farmers work hard and produce food items with care, love and affection and this initiative of your’s will greatly help in promotion of the products to more people and help them greatly. I also would like to request the team to particularly explore more of Garo Hills as there are so many things that will appeal to others and the farmers would be glad that their products get a good value for their hard work in the fields. Thanking you all.

    1. Hi Jimbarth, thanks for writing in. We indeed do understand the rich potential of the Garo hills and we are keen to explore and bring the unique produce to the fore. Currently, we do have Garo Sticky Rice (minil) and Joha Rice in our store, do share it. We are continuously looking for more. Please do let us know of any produce in particular that we can look up to and we will follow up. Thanks!

  9. Its great opportunity for Northeast India to have Organisation like Zizira. I really look forward to be apart of this Organisation.

    1. Thanks Siddharth! It will always be great to have enthusiastic members in the team.

  10. Hi admin,
    I’m very delightful to write to your team as well to know that recently you have launch this website design to promotes the livelihood of the farmer across the state. My name is Arcy i have completed my Graduation on BSc. Horticulture also secured Top 7 position from my college at Allahabad. kindly request yours concern authority that, is there any job with related to my education however i have completed a training on food processing from lucknow and shillong and other experienced which relates to horticulture products. Thanks !

    1. Hello, Arcy thank you for writing in, we currently have a job opening for food creator at Zizira. Please click here to know more about the job profile and you can apply online respectively.

  11. im interested in photo designer do you have a job right now im excited to work with you .

    1. Hi Bansuk,

      Please refer here to the job profile of a graphic designer.If you fit the profile you can apply for the job in the page itself.

  12. I want to work on graphic designer so if you need anyone plz contact me here’s my no. 9089825195

    1. Hi Ameldo,

      Thanks for your interest in our organization. Please go through the job profile and requirements of a graphic designer here. You can also apply for the job online. Thanks once again and have a wonderful day.

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