Traditional Weekly Markets of Meghalaya – Umroi Haat

Almost everyone in team Zizira is familiar with Bara Bazaar (Iewduh) in Shillong, many having visited it themselves often. A market place where farmers and traders come to sell their produce while consumers, wholesalers and even retailers come to buy. Similar traditional weekly markets called Haats are set up in villages on a weekly basis i.e., the same markets will be held after an interval of eight days. Traders and farmers alike have to pay a minimum tax of around INR 150 per year to the local administrative body for a particular stall.
We paid a visit to a traditional weekly market or Haat in Umroi village on 27th January 2016. Come with us as we take you on a pictorial walk through of this weekly haat.

Map-Shillong-to-UmroiUmroi village is located 30 km North of the state capital Shillong (Source)

Things look different? Never visited Meghalaya? Do not worry. Feel like you are here as you feast your eyes on this first person photo story that will give you walk you through the whole market

So what do they exactly sell? The market included almost everything, from pineapple to shoes and oranges to dried fish. These haats are meant to be a place where everyone from Umroi and nearby villages can buy their weekly groceries.

fermented beans vendor
Meet a woman (on the left) who has been selling fermented soya bean and ginger in every weekly haat for the past 20 years! She said she could just barely manage a bit more than the transportation cost!

Team Zizira spent time to talk to some of the stall owners who were farmers themselves to find out their pain points and trading hurdles, if any. Overall the crowd was not as much as we had expected due to the cold and windy weather that day.

At Zizira, we are always on the lookout for interesting stories on farmers. Do you know any farmer who might have something to share with us? Feel free to contact us and we will definitely get in touch.