Pioneering an Organic Products Company in Northeast India

To know about us, you need to know about Chillibreeze. We are a professional service firm located in an off the beaten path region of India. We are committed to transforming lives, creating wealth, providing purpose and adding value to customers, employees, families and community. The Chillibreeze team of about 70 people believe that as a healthy company we can be a role model throughout Northeast India. In fact we are well on our way to achieving this vision.

organic products company

Over the past 10 years we have been providing PowerPoint formatting and design services to large companies and consultants. In 2015 Chillibreeze decided to diversify and expand our vision by pioneering an organic products company. We want to sell natural healthy and organic products grown in Northeast India. We will transfer our vision into this new area believing that we can make a difference to farmers, their families, and village communities. We do this with confidence having already experienced the fruit of our labors in Chillibreeze.

Our customers tell us we are fast and reliable – they trust us. They praise the way we always meet their deadlines. Our employees tell us they love working for Chillibreeze. They appreciate the professional work culture where they grow skills, knowledge and build character. They are content that they are providing a better life for their families. They say they are happy to have a job with the best company in Northeast India. Our vendors tell us that Chillibreeze does things the right way. They say we are fair, straightforward and pay on time. Our founders say that Chillibreeze adds meaning and purpose to their lives. Seeing lives changed makes the sacrifices and hard work worth it.

Now there is another hope worth working towards: pioneering an organic products company. The risk is overshadowed by the hope of what can happen as we succeed. Right now farmers earn enough to subsist but are not able to make the most of their land. They lack access to markets, innovation and resources.

We can make a difference by pioneering new ideas, opening markets and proving the potential of the people and their land. We intend to be an example leading the way to a brighter future for farmers and their families.

Local farmers know how to grow rice on their land. They can farm yet there is so much untapped potential. Northeast India is one of the most pristine places in India. The air is pure and water is abundant. The land is fertile and diverse crops can grow in the various climate zones.

In spite of ideal growing conditions agriculture has not progressed as much as other parts of India. NE India remains remote and isolated. Transportation links are poor and access to markets is limited. Social and ethnic conflicts have further slowed progress. Many farmers remain poor yet the potential is there waiting to be released.

The people are hardworking, creative and capable. Because of the soil is fertile and water is abundant and because there are diverse climate zones a variety of spices, nuts, herbs, medicinal plants, organic vegetables and fruits can be grow. Much of the land is untouched by pesticides and chemical fertilizers so organic farming is feasible.

Perhaps Zizira can be a catalyst in strengthening organic family farms or introducing higher value crops. Once the region becomes known for producing healthy crops Northeast farmers will become famous. The people in cities across India will want what is produced in Northeast India.

As the people in India cities prosper they will have money to spend on good natural food and other products. They will crave better and more diverse products. The demand for unique and healthy products from Northeast India will grow. We will accelerate this demand by building the reputation of the area by selling organic fruits, nuts, spices, soaps, herb tea and other products grown by the farmers of Northeast India.

Watch Zizira grow into an organic products company.

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12 thoughts on “Pioneering an Organic Products Company in Northeast India

  1. Came across your website while searching for botanical name of Sohdanei. Very informative and good.
    If proper information is given for the use of Sohdanei, I think our state would be on the front door of health for everyone.

    Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you Mr. Binan,

      It feels great to know that our work is adding value in your search for information on the local produce of Meghalaya.

      Yes, I totally agree that the potential of Meghalaya’s rich biodiversity is still untapped. We wish to work on bringing out the unique produce of the state and the entire Northeast region to rest of the nation and in the process bring prosperity to the farmers of the region.

      Thanks again!

  2. Is there a telephone number we can contact you on?

    I sent an email inquiry a few weeks ago but haven’t had a
    response. Perhaps you didn’t receive it?

    We would like to get in touch with you.

    1. Hi Etrily,

      We’ll look at it if there is any fault from our end!

      As for now can now send in your query at [email protected] and we’ll get back to you

      Thanks for your interest.

  3. My name is wanphyrnai wahlang and i am doing my MBA in Agribusiness Management in NEHU Tura. I am interested to do for an internship in your organisation.
    Will you take or allow me to do?

    1. Hi Wanphyrnai,

      It’s great to hear of your interest with Zizira!

      However, since we are a recent startup we are currently more focussed on building our brand and working on our mission of opening up a market for the farmers. As such, currently, we are not looking into accepting internship at Zizira.

      Thanks for contacting.

  4. Hi Mr. Nyalang,
    I came across your blog on Urlong Tea of Meghalaya and it was really interesting. Also, being an ardent fan of their Green Tea for past five years only adds to the cause.
    I have recently left Meghalaya, so would it be possible to get a contact number of the Chairman of Urlong Tea Integrated Village Cooperative Society Ltd. Shri. D. L. Nongspung if you have as I can see you have done an extended study on their work? It will be really helpful if you do.
    Will be waiting for your reply.
    Congratulations on the great work!

  5. Hi,

    I have submitted a job request and awaiting a response. Being a northeastern myself, I would really like to work for a startup company from Northeast.

    1. Thanks Kunal,

      We are looking into your application and we will scrutinise as per our hiring process and will get back to you! Thanks

  6. Congratulations..excellent work in building healthy India.

  7. dear gungho team,
    all the best are working on the right chord… towards developed northeast india.
    i wish i could you guys in my next northeast visit.
    kamal tamuli( professional social worker )

    1. Hi Kamal,

      Thank you for your best wishes and support.

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