Bringing Together Farmers and Conscious Customers

Unearthing Meghalaya's Hidden Treasure

Meghalaya is home to rare medicinal herbs, spices, fruits and nuts. Our team of explorers regularly venture out into distant remote villages, to rekindle forgotten traditional wisdom from our farmer families. We trek far and wide into the jungles to hunt for forgotten plants, herbs & spices.

It is on these epic trips, we rediscover rare and exotic products, that for generations have helped the local Khasi people live rich, healthy lives.

Building Long-term Relationship with Farmers

Since our inception in 2016, the honest hardworking farmers of Meghalaya have been a pillar of our success. All our farmers are a part of the large Zizira family. In all our honesty, we endeavor to help our farmers keep alive our shared traditional knowledge and farming practices. Beyond helping their nutritious farm produce reach conscious consumers, we work with our farmers as close, thinking partners.

Our mission is to make our farmers famous, by introducing their products to consumers across India. And help bring in future generations into farming, by creating meaningful livelihoods.

Reconnecting You to Forgotten Foods

Over the years, we have been lucky to discover a dozen or more spices and herbs grown exclusively in the hills, mountains, and forests of Meghalaya. Our deep caring relationships with the local farmers help us source the very best quality products. We want conscious consumers, across India, to relish the forgotten herbs and spices of Meghalaya and Northeast at large.

Traditional Khasi warmth and hospitality are central to our relationship with the 15,000+ community members who have used our products so far. With every order you place with Zizira, you bring home nature’s finest nourishment, while meaningfully enriching the lives of our small farmers.

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