Meghalaya's Treasures

A Pioneering Food Business That Believes in a Triple Win

We believe a courageous profitable business can make a difference.

Creating a win for customers by being a trustworthy, responsible source for pure, beneficial and hard to find products from pristine Meghalaya.

Creating a win for farmers by going beyond fair pay while building disciplined, beneficial, long-term working relationships.

Creating a win for company and community by going beyond profit by developing strong, disciplined, independent, responsible, purposeful people.

Making farmers famous
Our Customers

Over the past 4 years we have built a following of customers who anticipate the release of our products.

Our team are in the fields finding the best most trustworthy farmers and selecting the best quality of each ingredients. They hunt for special products that may not be readily available in India.

Our customers are able to enjoy fresh products direct from farmers - traditionally farmed turmeric, honey, ginger, long pepper, birdseye chilli, and other high value products grown in the pristine hills of Meghalaya.

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Farmers Win

Our teams work to create opportunities and open markets where it is needed the most.

We strive to keep farmers grow crops traditionally without pesticides. We meet and encourage farmers to use best practices. Each region is different so we work to figure out the best opportunity so they can thrive. After understanding the unique potential of a village, we work to do what is best to thrive together.

Going to meet farmers puts us in touch with their struggles. We listen and learn. Creating a win for farmers means discovering what is unique about the region and what they can grow so that they thrive .

We believe companies can do something that is bigger than any kind of charity. Companies can give people a reason to work and hope to achieve more. We would rather “Teach a man to fish than giving him a fish”. Our relationships with farmers support this philosophy.

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Zizira, Families, Community Win

We believe that a healthy work environment is the best way for people to learn, grow, thrive and develop. We want to be a company that is intentionally developmental.

We strive to create an environment that challenges everyone to take on new responsibilities to develop themselves to add more value to the world.

Employees win as they grow within an environment designed to develop them to be the best, they can be.

As a role model in Northeast India, Zizira strives to prove that a conscious business can make a difference.

When Zizira earns a profit, creates wealth, meaningful work and develops responsible people, it wins.

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Our Epic Trips

We are plant hunters, searching the hills for the best of the best. 

Over the past 4 years, our teams have gone far and wide to explore, photograph remote Meghalaya and to discover unknown opportunities for farmers.

We hunt for unrealized agriculture potential. We meet farmers in the villages and explain our plans to them. We cross crystal-clear rivers, discover unusual, underutilized, high value crops and learn amazing things.

This is why we call these epic journeys.

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