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Bringing Together 1

Bringing Together Farmers And Conscious Customers

Exploring Meghalaya's Hidden Treasure

Meghalaya is home to many medicinal herbs, spices, edible fruits and nuts. Our team of explorers goes out to distant remote villages where there are no roads. We trek far and wide into the jungles to hunt for plant treasures available in the region.

It is on trips like these that we meet farmers. We eat what they eat, stay in tents outside their homes or in jungles. That's the start of our relationship

Building Long-term Relationship with Farmers

For over 4 years, we have worked diligently with farmers. We do not just buy ingredients from them. But, we work hand in hand as their thinking partners. We provide them with the resources they need to thrive. By working directly with farmers, we bypass middlemen.

Our farmers do not just get a fair price but also a promising market for their products. By helping them sell their products, we inspire them to produce more.

Reconnecting Customers to Forgotten Foods

Over the years we have gained knowledge about what grows where. From the relationship we build with our farmers, we procure the best farm-grown products from them. Our efforts help customers who are looking for a pure herbs, spices and other forgotten food of Meghalaya.

Now you can experience the taste and purity of products from Northeast India. These products enrich your health, while you make a direct impact on the lives of farmers.