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With Zizira Chef's Spices Pack, we make it easy for you to try out Meghalaya's best ingredients. It contains: 

~ Lakadong Turmeric 

~ Szechuan Pepper 

~ Cinnamon 

~ Bay Leaf Powder

~ Ing Makhir Ginger

~ Lemongrass  

~ Black Peppercorns 

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Meghalaya's finest natural ingredients can now become your favourite kitchen essentials!

Experiment with our Chef's Spices Pack before you buy them in bulk!

Lakadong Turmeric 50g 

Zizira's trademark turmeric, the mighty high curcumin Lakadong turmeric, is truly one of the best turmeric varieties in India This golden coloured spice hails from a small village in Meghalaya. Once you experience the difference in taste, you won’t reach for another brand.  

If you’re a health-conscious chef, then fresh food power is vital to you. Zizira’s Lakadong Turmeric is known to have the highest percentage of curcumin, 7-9% (last tested in 2021).

Suppose you haven't heard of curcumin before. In that case, all you need to know is that it is the chemical compound responsible for turmeric's various health properties, such as antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial, to name a few.  

Ing Makhir Ginger 30g 

As it is popularly known, Meghalaya's indigenous ginger or Sying Makhir is the most potent ginger you'll ever come across in the local or national market. When Zizira’s Ing Makhir got noticed by others, we knew we better get our farmers ready! 

Its health benefits are so immense that it is revered as a healing herb that has been used in traditional medicine in Meghalaya for years. It is known to contain high levels of gingerol, a chemical compound responsible for the potency of ginger. A pinch of this ginger powder is enough to bring whole new levels of depth to your dishes! 

Szechuan Pepper 35g 

Szechuan pepper or Sichuan Pepper is an essential spice used in Asian cuisines. It is known for the mouth-tingling sensation it leaves and its distinct fragrant aroma, which resembles that of lavender. In Meghalaya, Szechuan pepper is used for its numbing sensation to balance the heat of chilli pepper. It is mostly ground or roasted before adding to dishes or infused with oil and salt for a savoury seasoning.

Cinnamon 40g 

Zizira’s natural cinnamon spice is sourced from the pristine hills of Meghalaya, free of chemical impurities. This cinnamon bark is obtained from a tree called Casia. The bark is manually peeled, and sun-dried naturally before storage. 

Cinnamon bark is known for its sweet and woody fragrance and has been used as a popular spice since olden times that is used to enhance the taste of both sweet and savory dishes. 

Black Pepper 40g 

The climatic factors of Meghalaya’s hilly terrain make for excellent growing areas for flavour packed black pepper used for more than just consumption in our farmer's homes. It is known as 'Sohmrit' in Khasi local language. 

Known as the king of spices, black pepper is widely loved and extensively used by people all over the world.  It is a common household spice in many Indian homes used for generations as a seasoning as well as for traditional healing.

Bay Leaf Powder 35g 

Meghalaya’s bay leaves have a strong and sharp taste that is excellent for flavouring your dishes. Its fragrance is more noticeable than its taste which gives out a herbal and slightly floral fragrance. Just add a pinch of it into your dishes, and your loved ones will appreciate your culinary skills! 

Apart from its culinary usage, bay leaf is well-known for the medicinal properties it possesses. The presence of various nutrients and minerals such as Vitamin A and C along with folic acid (a type of vitamin B) makes it a highly beneficial herb.

Our Chef's Spices Pack is specially curated for professional and home cooks who want to experiment and try out quality spices before buying them in bulk. Here are just 5 of the many benefits our Chef's Spices Pack has to offer you:  

  • We are at the source and can ensure the premium quality of these rare spices indigenous to Meghalaya. 
  • We grind and process the spices in-house to maintain the best aroma, flavour, and colour.
  • Fresh is what differentiates us. Our spices don’t spend years in storage or on the shelf.
  • Our herbs and spices are powerhouses when it comes to having antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial properties.
  • And finally, our Meghalaya farmers grow all ingredients naturally by using age-old traditional methods. That means zero chemical fertilizers or additives. You can't get any healthier than that!

Zizira's Chef's Spices Pack

Zizira's Chef's Spices Pack contains carefully grown and harvested unique herbs and spices.

Best ingredients grown by our Meghalaya farmer partners. 

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