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Where Does Your Food Come From?

Have you ever wondered where all the ingredients in your kitchen cabinet come from? Do you know the farmers that grow them? You may wonder if these ingredients have been mass produced industrially. You might not know if they are original or not.

Pure, unadulterated, quality food is what you want for your family. Right?

Unexplored Treasures

India is a land of great diversity. Tugged away in a corner is the beautiful land of the clouds, Meghalaya. It is blessed with rich and fertile soil, abundant rainfall and cool climate. The weather conditions and hilly terrains make it possible for varieties of herbs and spices that are of superior quality and has high medicinal value. Spices, herbs, fruits, medicinal plants, nuts and tea grow in abundance.

Farmers with small family farms grow them naturally but their produce could not reach you. Even though nutrient rich food is available in Meghalaya, limited transportation facilities makes it difficult for the locals to share these with you.

Trusted Reliable Source

This is why Zizira exists. We strive to bridge this gap between farmers in remote villages of Meghalaya and customers across India. Our team is in the fields hunting for special products and partners with the most trustworthy farmers of Meghalaya.

When you buy from Zizira, you are buying directly from farmers. You bypass layers of middlemen. You are assured of the source of your products.

Functional & Beneficial

The plant treasures of Meghalaya benefits your health. You are regenerated day by day. On the other hand, the farmers get a fixed market for their produce. This increases their income, improves their livelihood and creates a better future for them. You not just accomplish your healthy lifestyle goals but also play a part in reviving the communities in remote parts of Meghalaya.

In the end, you win, the farmers win. And when you and the farmers win, all of us at Zizira win.