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We Are Looking for Digital Marketer

A person who can independently come up with ideas and can create creative content. Someone who is conscious of the trends, proactive, a multi-tasker, always looking for new challenges and improvements, and is an ideal team player.

What Will You Do?

  1. Building up of a community in various social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook, and Instagram etc.
  2. Manage all social media platforms and understand each platform in-depth and what is required of each.
  3. Engaging audience with interesting posts to publish on Facebook, Instagram Twitter, Googe+ and YouTube.
  4. Organising, creating content, messages, creative (videos and banners) and daily posts.
  5. Manage and create ads in a way that unifies the brand and creates global exposure on products, events, and services.
  6. Content marketing email marketing will be an added bonus.
  7. Creating data and analysis reports on social media activities to show progress and communicate insights, come up with solutions/ recommendations.

What Is Expected of You?

  1. Ability to multi-task and work autonomously or with a team and be able to meet deadlines consistently.
  2. To be a highly motivated individual with the willingness to work outside defined job responsibilities.
  3. To be an enthusiastic, self-motivated, innovator and curious to learn and apply.
  4. Be ready to dig deep, to solve any problem.
  5. Ability to make decisions, contribute and take risks.
  6. Ability to prioritise work and integrate a proactive approach to assignments.
  7. Be up to date with any social media trends.
  8. Learning and understanding about the company’s vision and believing in its vision. The ability to express, communicate authentically and passionately with others through our brands with Internet Marketing.

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