Daphika, a young woman and a mother to an adorable toddler daughter. She is a regular customer of Zizira and she stays in Shillong.

She became Zizira’s customer in search of the best turmeric for herself and her family. She says,

“I googled 'the best quality turmeric', and the results did not just surprise me but made me feel proud too when Lakadong turmeric came up in the search results”.

According to my experience, Black pepper and Lakadong turmeric work wonders together, if taken regularly.

I started taking Ing Makhir Fit Tea in the morning, Lakadong Chyrmit in my meals (in chutneys and curries) and Lakadong Ker before going to bed.

I like taking half-a-teaspoon of Lakadong Chyrmit (turmeric) with half-a-teaspoon of black pepper powder and one tablespoon of raw honey, mixed together. After 5 to 10 minutes I drink half-a-litre of warm water.

After taking Lakadong Turmeric and black pepper daily, I can surely say with confidence that having turmeric with black pepper does help ease away my Arthritis related pain and morning stiffness.