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Mira is a young, passionate woman working at Zizira. Here's what she says about her favorite products.

"I live in Shillong and if you have been here, you will know that sometimes we have four seasons a day, literally!

With the weather constantly changing, I constantly used to fall ill - sometimes flu, cold, cough, fever.

But now my immunity has become stronger. I can't tell you the exact reason, but here's something that really helped.

I drink Lakadong turmeric and a pinch of pepper along with warm water in the mornings. I realized I am less prone to ailments, gas problems, and even constipation. The wonders of turmeric could have done the magic. During the day, I drink Ing makhir fit tea. I love the smell of lemongrass in this tea. It helps me feel light throughout the day. Before I sleep, I also drink Lakadong ker. I love the warm, soothing sensation of the spices in the Ker. It's a tasty drink that gives me good sleep."