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From Discovery to Delivery

Nurturing relationships with farmers: We care for our farmers’ wellbeing. We work hand in hand with them to ensure they have what they need to thrive.

We create solar dryers, provide tools, machineries and we give them seeds they can grow and experiment. We identify the herbs and spices they can grow and find the best opportunity that will benefit them.

We help farmers keep their traditional practices, so they leave behind a richer land for the future generations.

Pure & safe products: We want to give you the best, nutritious products from Meghalaya. We look for quality and purity in all our ingredients, and we will not have it any other way.
We handpick the ingredients directly from our farmers. We create products with genuine care for your health.
We test the effects on ourselves first and only after they are approved and certified safe for consumption by FSSAI, we release them to our shelves.

Eco-friendly packaging: We are in the process of making our packaging friendly to mother nature. We are discovering new ways of packaging, so they have a minimum carbon footprint.
Our products are packed in Shillong, and we send them to our warehouses in Lucknow and Pune to deliver them to our customers across India.
Sincere care for customers Our relationship starts with your first purchase. We are available to listen to your queries and concerns.
We like to engage with you regularly, to know your experience with us. Your feedback and recommendations are important to us.
We go to great length to make sure your requests are fulfilled and that you are 100% satisfied.