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How We Work2

How We Work

Everything begins from our “Epic trips” – Our adventurous and offbeat journeys in the hills

Unlike many others, we do not search for wholesale products, but we roam in search of small farmers.

We identify the herbs and spices found abundantly in the remote villages

Most of these plants are wasted due to lack of markets.

We build relationships with the small farmers

We onboard farmers with Zizira after testing the fields and knowing farming methods

Best quality herbs and spices are handpicked from the farmers

These best quality herbs and spices are brought to Zizira office after the necessary tests for purity are done.

Our team does the rest of the magic in our humble processing unit in Shillong

Our team makes sure the processing is done while preserving the purity

We don’t just claim 100% purity.

We get our products tested in FSSAI approved labs to ensure the products are pure and unadulterated.

Shipping from Meghalaya has its own challenges

We take help from our trusted warehouse and courier partners in Pune and Lucknow. Fresh stock goes to warehouses every 2 weeks.

You receive the freshly packed products within 8 – 10 days with COD option in most of the cities in India