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Rejuvenate Me Tea Recipe

Rejuvenate yourself with this green tea with a twist!

Lakadong Turmeric Lassi Recipe

Enjoy yourself a glass of Lassi loaded with extra goodness!

Ing Makhir Fit Tea Lemonade Recipe

Swap your boring regular tea for a healthy lemonade! Order now and make your own Ing Makhir lemonade!

Szechuan Pasta Recipe

Enjoy this healthy and flavourful pasta recipe cooked using one of my favourite ingredients - szechuan pepper!

Gotu Kola Salad Recipe

If you can't find any fresh Gotu Kola leaves, you can try this recipe using Zizira's Gotu Kola powder.

Lakadong Mirch Sweet Potato Dal Recipe

Savour the taste of wholesome dal and sweet potatoes spiced with our Lakadong Mirch!

Lemongrass Chai Recipe

Enjoy the classic taste of masala chai blended with the fresh aroma of Lemongrass with this chai!

Black Sesame Shake Recipe

Relax and enjoy this refreshing and nutritious Black Sesame Shake!

Turmeric Twist Granola

Get a turmeric twist infused honey today and make your own turmeric twist granola bars!

Roasted Sweet and Spicy Potatoes

Sweet, savoury, and spicy, you'll definitely enjoy the flavours of this roasted potatoes recipe!

Roselle Stir Fry Sauce

Enjoy healthy veggies coated in a flavourful sweet and sour sauce!

Perilla Papaya Salad – Jhur Khleh 

Perillia a favourite ingredient in Khasi homes.

Black Sesame Pot Potatoes 

A traditional Khasi take on potatoes, enjoy this flavourful recipe!

Roselle Cake 

Enjoy some sweet guilt-free indulgence with this sweet Roselle cake!

Fruit Mix
(Known as Soh Khleh in Khasi)

A mouthwatering mix of tangy citrus fruits enjoyed on a sunny winter afternoon.

Fried Pumpkin
(Also known as Pathaw Sdieh in Khasi)

A savoury spicy pumpkin recipe for the festive season.

Turmeric Lemon Cake

Here's a tasty, tangy, turmeric cake recipe that's healthy and easy to make!

Roasted Vegetables with Zizira Spice Mix

Veggies Seasoned with Our Very Own Flavourful Spice Mix and Roasted to Perfection.

Broccoli Soup

Here’s a hearty soup recipe to keep you warm this winter.

Green Garlic Chutney

A green garlic chutney recipe chock-full of spiciness and flavour.

Roselle Ing Makhir Tea

Here's a rejuvenating cup of roselle tea to boost your energy!

Spiced Lassi

Cool off with This Healthy Spiced Lassi Recipe!

Lakadong Turmeric Latte

Switch your regular latte for this nutritious and delicious turmeric latte!

Fiery Grape Sauce

Here's a tangy, spicy sauce made out of grapes!

No Bake Meghalaya Masala Chai Cake 

If you love desserts, you'll love this no-bake Masala Chai Cake recipe!

Kadha - Ginger Tonic

Say goodbye to cough and cold with this Ginger Tonic recipe!

Tomato and Ginger Chutney

Spice up your dishes and snacks with this savoury sauce recipe!

Stinging Nettle Smoothie

This detox Nettle smoothie recipe is the equivalent of drinking liquid vitamins!

Braised Potatoes with Bay Leaves and Black Pepper

A simple recipe for flavourful, succulent potatoes!

Fish wrapped in Slamet

Learn how to make delicious smoked Pomfret in 3 easy steps with me!

Yellow Rice Recipe (Ja Stem)

You can never go wrong with this foolproof and delicious yellow rice recipe!

Honey Lemon Preserve Recipe

This detox Nettle smoothie recipe is the equivalent of drinking liquid vitamins!

Stinging Nettle Tea

The perfect pick me up to combat low energy!

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