7-9% Curcumin

Lakadong Turmeric Powder  from Meghalaya

"Rich, Strong Aroma, Distinct Colour and Flavour! The regular supermarket brands don't match up to this turmeric!"

Rs. 1,199.00


Meghalaya is blessed with rich climate, soil, rain, forests, and hard-working honest farmers who grow this high-curcumin turmeric in Lakadong, a small hilly region in West Jaintia Hills, near Shillong.

  • Wholesome Turmeric: Grown out in the sun, under the rain, using traditional Khasi agricultural wisdom. Without the use of any chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers.
  • Clean, Free of Adulteration: Every batch of our turmeric undergoes quality tests to ensure it's free of any unwanted adulterants. From the farms to your family, we are in charge of the cleaning, processing & packaging, so that you receive the best of Meghalaya for your kitchen.

How We Compare

Zizira harvests Lakadong turmeric fresh from the fields making it 100% pure Lakadong Turmeric. It is not blended with any other turmeric varieties. Our Lakadong turmeric is high altitude turmeric that is of superior quality, strictly quality-controlled with zero adulteration. 

From sourcing to the time it reaches your doorstep, take utmost care to ensure that you get the best.


High Quality Turmeric Comes At a Cost

Would you compromise health for low-quality? At Zizira, our motivation to provide clean, pure Lakadong turmeric is to fight against the ever-increasing problem of adulteration.


Get fresh 2022 harvest of Lakadong turmeric from Jaintia Hills, Meghalaya, delivered to your doorstep.

What People Say About Zizira's Lakadong Turmeric?

Ankit Kamlia

"Zizira is doing an awesome job by toiling to bring authentic products from remote terrains of Meghalaya so we should encourage them. I believe the farmers there are getting their fair bit. The turmeric quality is awesome and if you are looking for good quality medicinal turmeric, then go for it!”


Dear Zizirians, if you think you can win my brand loyalty with your exceptionally organic turmeric, then you're 100% right. Not just my skin, its consumption has boosted my digestion and immunity. Over a month back I started out with turmeric tea every alternate morning and now I religiously use it for cooking and even a face pack. So thankful I ordered mine on time. I've even gifted a pack to a loved one. We appreciate your effort from South Bangalore. Much love

Laxmi Sanjeev

"I personally felt this Lakadong Chyrmit was a good product and easy to consume - mixi it by just adding pepper to it and pour boiling hot water into the mug, with little ghee-(optional) and it’s ready to drink. I felt it was yellow magic, an instant yellow soup!​ I had a slight issue with my knee, but after taking the product, there was improvement. I like to thank the team for being kind to share the tested Curcumin certificate! In fact, I have ordered 6 bottles for my relatives since it really helped as anti-inflammatory! ​ I would call it YELLOW MAGIC LAKADONG CHYRMIT CURCUMIN 👍"

4 Healthy Ways to Use Lakadong Turmeric — Start With Cooking

Make Delicious Healthy Meals

Turmeric Tea

Turmeric Paste

Golden Milk

Frequently Asked Question

"By far one of the best turmeric that I have used. The aroma is awesome and the taste too is wonderful. Have already started using it everyday and will also be picking up more in the days to come. BTW, the packing was too good. Even the pouch it comes sealed in, helps seal the original flavour and aroma inside itself and the ziploc pouch helps us to use only that which is needed and then reseal the contents. Will be trying other products too. On the whole a wonderful buy and a pleasant buying experience. I Thank the team at Zizira for the thoughtfulness and team work."

- Thomas G, Telangana.

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