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A combo of our most beloved tea blends made with the best ingredients from Meghalaya. 

Rs. 1,413/-

Rs. 999/-

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- 100g Ing Makhir Fit Tea: Rs. 400/-

- 100g Rejuvenate Me Tea: Rs. 314/-

- 120g Valerian Tea: Rs. 699/-  

Rs. 1,413/-

Rs. 999/-

Ing Makhir Fit Tea 

A zesty and energizing and tea blend to help curb your hunger and prevent you from snacking enriched with Ing Makhir ginger, Lemongrass, and Szechuan peppercorns.

Main Ingredient: Ing makhir ginger which we source from Bah Mihwan

  • Green tea helps boost the body’s metabolism. 
  • Ing Makhir ginger acts as a natural appetite suppressant. 
  • Szechuan peppercorns offer an energy boost. 
  • Best taken in the morning or afternoon. 

Get upto 100 cups per pack of Ing Makhir Fit Tea.

Rejuvenate Me Tea 

A rejuvenating tea blend to unwind after a long day comprising of Lakadong turmeric chunks, Ing Makhir ginger chunks, green tea, and long pepper. 

Main Ingredient: Lakadong turmeric which we source from Kong Hun.

  • Lakadong turmeric lowers stress and fatigue.
  • Ing Makhir ginger relaxes the respiratory system.
  • Green tea boosts energy levels. 
  • Long pepper improves appetite and digestion. 
  • Best taken in the afternoon or evening. 

Get upto 100 cups per pack of Rejuvenate Me Tea.

Valerian Tea 

A relaxing sleep tea blend to help you drift off to sleep naturally. Made with soothing and calming ingredients: valerian root, lemongrass, and bay leaves. 

Main Ingredient: Valerian roots which we source from Kong Twit and Bah Rochester

  • Valerian root is a natural sedative to help induce sleep. 
  • Lemongrass calms the digestive system. 
  • Bay leaves help relax the nervous system.
  • Best taken before bedtime. 

Get upto 120 cups per pack of Valerian Tea.

Why Buy This Combo Pack?

Our Meghalaya Herbal Tea Combo Pack contains three of our best loved tea blends to keep you energized throughout the day and help you unwind at night. Each tea blend contains indigenous herbs and spices from Meghalaya to soothe your senses and enrich your immunity.

Each of the ingredients used in our tea blends are ethically sourced from our farmer partners in Meghalaya who use traditional methods of farming using all-natural fertilizers to ensure that the end product is pure, wholesome, and free of chemicals. 

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