Our Story

Scouting Opportunities in Remote Places

To know about Zizira, you need to know the origins of Chillibreeze, the mother company.

In 2004, my family traveled from the big city of Bangalore to the remote city of Shillong in Northeast India to explore the potential of the region. After a question and answer presentation at St. Anthony's College, the students responded, "YES, we would love to see a new company in our area". With hope in their eyes, they said, "We want opportunities like the rest of India!"

Their enthusiasm to release the potential of the people of Northeast India was one spark that lead to starting up Chillibreeze in Shillong.

-Ralph Budelman, CEO

Locals Serving Global Customers

From small beginnings, Chillibreeze now provides PowerPoint services for global customers like Microsoft and PepsiCo.

Chiillibreeze story
After 10 Years a New Initiative Is Launched

After proving by example that a global professional services company can thrive in Northeast India, Chillibreeze aimed at a new target - farmers.

Believing in undiscovered agricultural potential of the region, we set out on this new adventure. 

On 15th September, 2015, Zizira was launched.

Pioneering a natural food company
On a Journey to Make Meghalaya Farmers Famous

We went on field trips to visit farmers and gather knowledge on their unique produce and farming methods. We were also building relationship with a network of professionals in the agricultural field.

We created food products that we sell on Amazon, India and on our website. Amazon loved our story and our purpose. In June, 2017 Amazon visited our office. They featured our story on how we are making a difference to farmers in Meghalaya.

We have customers who believed in our products and their medicinal values. We will continue to delight them more by creating products that will regenerate their health.

Zizira Featured on Amazon