Health Benefits

Mawsynram Honey is an exotic produce native to the industrially-unexplored Meghalaya landscape that is rich in a multitude of health-aiding attributes. Some of the key Mawsynram Honey benefits are:

  1. Medicinal Attributes – This honey is proven to be a rich source of antioxidants, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Thus, it can be beneficial in protecting the body from potential damage, rare disorders, eliminating unwanted bacteria, and protects the brain from potent inflammation, and exposure to lead. It can also be an ideal antiseptic. With inflammatory attributes, this pure raw honey lowers the risk of potential infections.
  2. Treatment for Sore Throat, Diarrhea – Are you struggling with sore throat and cough? A tablespoon of Zizira’s Mawsynram Honey, and you may get back to your usual self in a relatively short span. Besides, this can also be used for nourishing the good bacteria that are present in the intestines which are not only beneficial for digestion but our overall health. It is effective in the treatment of mild Diarrhea symptoms in children, and adults alike.

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Here are some of the key usages of pure Mawsynram honey.

  1. Weight management - Zizira Mawsynram Honey may help in burning out body fats even during sleep. It is known to help in increasing the metabolism, which in turn helps in weight reduction, and management.
  2. Nutritious - This pure raw honey comes with the goodness of several nutrients and thus is a healthy addition to your diet. The nutrition in it varies with the environment and depends on the types of flowers the bees collect their nectar from. But it still is a rich source of healthy compounds such as amino acids, antioxidants, and vitamins.
  3. Enhances athletic performance - Honey is good or is even better than glucose, sugar, or water in boosting the energy of athletes. It helps in maintaining glycogen (helps in storing energy) levels and helps in improving recovery time as compared to other sweeteners.
  4. A Perfect Substitute for Sugar for diabetics - This honey is known to increase blood sugar levels in a controlled manner as compared to sugar and it may also lower inflammation, fat levels, and bad cholesterol. Though it is possibly a healthier option for people with diabetes it should still be consumed with caution.