We Are Looking for a Resource Executive


If You Are a Resource Executive, You Are...

A person who loves the outdoors and is interested in bringing up the lives of farmers. Someone who can travel near and far places to explore and find new opportunities and has an entrepreneurial mindset.

What Will You Do?

  1. You will be responsible for developing new and existing products based on market research and the company's goals.
  2. You will work closely with the diverse team to better align a company's offerings with the market position.
  3. You need to be a strategic planner who will develop corporate strategies to increase growth and profitability.
  4. Identify new opportunities and methods for marketing. Carrying out market research and developing marketing plans.
  5. Build and maintain executive relationships with customers and farmers, influence long-term strategic direction, and act as a trusted advisor.
  6. Lead account strategy in generating and developing business growth opportunities, working collaboratively with Customer and farmers - all to maximize business results in the territory and open up opportunities for farmers.
  7. Manage multiple opportunities through the entire cycle simultaneously, working with cross-functional teams as necessary, and act as the primary contact person for all farmers.
  8. Develop a training program for farmers where you will train them how to use equipment, how to add value to products, grow herbs, process tea, make packaging boxes or cushioning or make crafts.

At the initial stage you will be responsible for the following

  1. There are people around the world using banana fibers, making crafts from bamboo and doing many other things, hence using platforms like YouTube or other sources you can gain more knowledge.
  2. Make Deals and relate to farmers to make win-win deals. Buy crops, provide seeds and plants to grow, renting processing equipment etc.
  3. Make entrepreneurial decisions, deciding different crops to buy, the price to pay and what farmers should grow.
  4. Responsible to build healthy relationships and selecting the most reliable and trustworthy farmers and learn to help them succeed as well as helping Zizira succeed.
  5. Research and explore Meghalaya, finding villages and responsible farmers, find where medicinal plants are grown, find other unique crops.

What Is Expected of You?

  1. Adventurous nature with a willingness to travel places.  
  2. Ability to multi-task and work autonomously or with a team and be able to meet deadlines consistently. 
  3. To be a highly motivated individual with the willingness to work outside defined job responsibilities. 
  4. To be an enthusiastic, self-motivated, innovator and curious to learn and execute learnings 
  5. Be ready to dig deep, to solve any problem. 
  6. Ability to make decisions, contribute and take risks. 
  7. Ability to prioritize work and integrate a proactive approach to assignments. 
  8. Learning and understanding about the company’s vision and believing in its vision. The ability to express, communicate authentically and passionately with others through our brands with Internet Marketing.

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