Self-taught Graphic Designer


We are a startup, striving to build a sustainable company, where we can open more job opportunities to our people. We are urgent, we care more about speed with quality rather than perfections. Perfection comes with learning.

We are looking for a graphic designer who is self-taught, someone who can take this opportunity and make the most of it, to figure out one's potential and simultaneously releasing the potential of the company.

As always, we love providing opportunities for people who are willing to grow their passion and grow along with us to yield more opportunities.

Your qualification or certificates are NOT our first priority. We need to see what you are capable of doing and your potential.

What Is Expected of You?

  1. A person who will be responsible for creating visual graphics for our products, our website, blogs and stores and our social media posts.
  2. Someone who can work closely with a diverse team and support them with all the visual requirements.
  3. Being Strategic with how work is executed in order to achieve more with less.
  4. As we continue to learn, it also important that we improve our speed of execution. Speedy execution is one of the keys in achieving our goal.
  5. Since the person we are looking for will be responsible for all our graphic work, skills that are essential for the role are photography, videography, editing using the tools like Adobe Premiere Pro and illustrating. These skills can be learnt if such a person does not currently possess them.
  6. Our presence on the internet and all social media platforms is important. We use these platforms to share valuable information to our customers. Therefore, we need a person who can learn how to quickly create relevant images, videos and banners for our contents.
  7. We ship products to our customers every day. Therefore, we need to print product labels every day. This person will be expected to learn how to create labels and always keep looking for a better and faster way of doing it.
  8. While execution and getting things done are important, we don’t want anyone to take work as a task. As a company who believes in healthy growth, we encourage everyone to work with a purpose. A purpose that aligns with the bigger purpose of the company.
  9. Confidence comes from experience. Experience comes with practice and execution, even failures along the way. We will expect this person to always be on their toes, practice and always be willing to learn new things without anyone having to tell them. This is proactiveness, a value we hold high at our company.

Things which could stop a person from making it through

  1. If a person only wait for someone to push them to do something.
  2. Pride and ego.
  3. Not Punctual.
  4. If this is just a job and not a person's passion. 
    Lucky are the ones who can turn whatever they do in to their passion. To us, Passion is doing what you truly love even though it's extremely hard.  Many people gave up when it gets hard, but we don't. We love giving opportunities to those who willingly take and make the most of it.
  5. If person needs someone else to motivate them to do certain things, they will eventually stop doing things and get bord when there is nothing or no one to motivate them. Therefore this person has to be self-motivated

We got big dreams and vision. If a person cannot align their dreams with ours, maybe Zizira is not the place for them.

If you are a self-taught person and interested to be a part of us, get can prepare oneself.

  1. Portfolio: Gather your artwork, your designs or any work that you have done on your own, or for someone else. Zip them up and send it to us along with your resume.
  2. Tell us a quick story about your journey in 500 or less words.
  3. On-the-spot 1-hour design test in the style of Zizira. (Zizira Brand style Guide will be provided to you right before the test)

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