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Here’s a sneak peak into one of our most favourite farmer stories about Kong Elvira, who is a beekeeper hailing from a remote village in Meghalaya.

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The Northeast is a treasure trove when it comes to its abundant resources. Foodlores seeks to bring these hidden and untapped treasures to the limelight.

From Meghalaya’s famous Lakadong Turmeric to Mizoram’s Bird’s Eye chilli, Foodlores has got more to offer than you could ever imagine.

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It is indeed my pleasure to go through well written newsletter empowering women farmers of Khasi and Jaintia tribes from Meghalaya. Great Respect for the culture and traditions of hardworking society of Meghalaya.

Kuldeep Salaria

Invariably, I am a regular reader of the articles sent by Zizira Foodlores. I read this articles on chillies being cultivated in north eastern states.

David Chandran

Learning so much of new things from you regularly is always welcome. You have made a deadly spice like chilli a mouth watering something. Really great! That's the reason why I check my mails with great interest

Nitin Chakravarty

Wow! Never knew that Kiwis grew in our country. Thanks for sharing such wonderful information on our north east states. 

Julian Benham

The Rich Natural Resources of Meghalaya

Forest Cover

Forests are a treasure house of valuable products such a timber, resin, tannin, gums, shellac, fiber, latex, essential oils, edible fruits, honey and more. About 70% of the state is forested, of which 9,496 sq. km is primarily subtropical forest.

Air Quality

“The overall air quality in Meghalaya is good except for those areas in industrial estates and where vehicular movement is at its peak” -Meghalaya State Pollution Control Board, 14th Dec 2015.

Abundant Water

Rain plays an active role in the agricultural sector. The average annual rainfall is about 281.8 cm. The state has 25 rivers, of which 16 drain into the Brahmaputra basin and the other 9 to the Meghna Basin.


Owing to the abundance of rain fed rivers and the abundant rains, the groundwater of the state is almost untouched. Meghalaya has an available reservoir of 1.60 billion cubic meters of groundwater.

Rich Biodiversity

Meghalaya is one of the richest in biological values with vegetation types ranging from tropical rain forest to alpine meadows. It has high species diversity and high level of endemism.

Plant Diversity

Meghalaya is rich in plant diversity with 3,128 species of flowering plants including 1,237 endemic species and several valuable medicinal plant species.

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