Wellness Wednesday: Herbs and Spices of Meghalaya

In today’s episode we have the Herbs and Spices of Meghalaya!

Meghalaya loves its spices and here are 5 of the most loved spices besides Turmeric of course.

Ing Makhir ginger: A local variety of ginger so potent that the people of Meghalaya use it only when they make traditional dishes, like the popular Tungrymbai chutney. For such recipes, they do not use any other ginger but the Ing Makhir as it gives the desired flavour.

Szechuan pepper: Often mistaken with the Chinese Szechuan pepper, our Szechuan pepper has a numbing effect and a pungent flavour that goes well with Tungtap chutney – a side dish much loved here in the hills of Meghalaya.

Bhut Jolokia: The spicy King, Bhut Jolokia is known as Sohmynken Beb in Meghalaya. Feared by most but still loved by many, mothers would make dishes by using just half of one chilli to just lift up the flavour of the dish.

Long Pepper: This pepper can be found in most homes, dried and stored in a bottle somewhere in the kitchen. It is often used to treat ailments like cough and cold. A popular age old remedy is ground Long pepper combined with a spoonful of honey.

Gotu Kola: In Meghalaya, Gotu Kola is a herb mostly foraged and not grown. The people of Meghaaya love their green leafy vegetables and Gotu Kola is one such prominent herb that is eaten for its various benefits.

About Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday is a new series the Zizira team have come up with where extremely knowledgeable information about various herbs and spices will be shared in the hopes of educating people about the importance of herbs and spices in improving health and wellbeing. 

We all know how certain herbs and spices have some benefits of their own. In this series you will learn about them all, so that you can start paying attention to your body’s wellness too!  

Meghalaya Herbs and Spices

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