Wellness Wednesday: Stinging Nettle

In today’s episode we have the Stinging Nettle from Meghalaya! 

Stinging nettle, scientifically known as Urtica diocia and also known as the Kandali herb is a nutritious herb that has been used for its medicinal properties for centuries.

The leaves of the stinging nettle plant have hairs that are prickly. But once it is processed, this powerful herb can be beneficial for the body and for treating several ailments.

About Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday is a new series the Zizira team have come up with where extremely knowledgeable information about various herbs and spices will be shared in the hopes of educating people about the importance of herbs and spices in improving health and wellbeing. 

We all know how certain herbs and spices have some benefits of their own. In this series you will learn about them all, so that you can start paying attention to your body’s wellness too!  

Stinging Nettle Powder

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Zizira brings you Stinging Nettle Powder which is made up of stinging nettle leaves which are dried and turned into a fine powder. It is minimally processed to retain the herb’s maximum health benefits.


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