Wellness Wednesday: Wildflower Honey

In today’s episode we have the Wildflower Honey from Meghalaya! 

Wildflower honey is a polyfloral honey which means it is honey made when bees pollinate a wide variety of flowers. So, the quality and flavour of wildflower honey vary greatly depending on the composition of wildflowers involved in its natural production.

Therefore, while selecting quality wildflower honey, it is essential to:

  • Identify its place of origin, confirm that the surrounding flora is organic.
  • Ensure that the end result is ‘raw wildflower honey’ which refers to an end-product that has not been heat-treated nor strained. Organic and raw honey collected from wild honeybees offers the maximum available antioxidant, antibacterial, and health promoting benefits possible from this variety.

About Wellness Wednesday

Wellness Wednesday is a new series the Zizira team have come up with where extremely knowledgeable information about various herbs and spices will be shared in the hopes of educating people about the importance of herbs and spices in improving health and wellbeing. 

We all know how certain herbs and spices have some benefits of their own. In this series you will learn about them all, so that you can start paying attention to your body’s wellness too!  

Pure Wildflower Raw Honey from Meghalaya

Rs. 699/- only

Our premium pure wildflower raw honey is extracted, unblended, and cold-filtered to help preserve the natural proteins, vitamins, phytonutrients, minerals, and useful enzymes. 


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