Why do Farmers Grow
Ing Makhir Ginger?

For farmers, this ginger is grown mainly for their own culinary use in their gardens. Farmers know the value of this ginger but have not been able to find a market for it. They are able to sell so little of it. Besides using it for themselves they are able to sell it to traditional healers too.

The locals of Meghalaya use Ing Makhir quite rarely in their cooking, mainly due to the fact that it is quite difficult to manage and use, as a result of its small body. However, traditional healers know the worth and medicinal components of Ing Makhir, therefore they use this ginger in their traditional remedies.

What is special about Ing Makhir Ginger?

Native to Meghalaya, the Ing Makhir ginger has been used as a traditional source of medicine for centuries by the Khasi and Jaintia people.

Infantile diarrhoea or Niangsohpet (as it is locally known in Meghalaya), is a common medical condition which can be found in newborn babies or infants. A formulation of Ing Makhir and other herbs is used as a remedy to treat this ailment.

Even to this day, traditional healers still practice this remedy which has worked wonders for years!

Health Benefits of Ing Makhir Ginger

The Ing Makhir ginger has exceptional health benefits as a result of its potent nature. Gingerol is an active compound found in ginger just as piperine in black pepper. It is known to give ginger its analgesic or pain-relieving properties. It is also one reason why ginger can be taken while one is feeling nauseous or having indigestion.

Some of the health benefits of Ing Makhir ginger are listed below:

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