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Why We are Different

Why We are Different?

Over the past 4 years, our teams have gone far and wide to explore and hunt for unrealized agriculture potential. We strive to make a difference to the people in Northeast India by helping bring products direct from farmers to homes across India.


  • We are located not far our farmers
  • By working directly with farmers we bypass middlemen
  • Language and culture are not a problem
  • Over the years we have gained knowledge about what grows where

Farms and Farmers

  • Many use traditional methods without equipment or pesticides
  • Typically farms are small family owned
  • Some villages are not accessible by road requiring long walks into canyons
  • Most of our best farmers are women
  • Striving to select best opportunities for farmers

Climate and Soil

  • The terrain is hilly and the soil is rich
  • Some high value crops thrive in the cool rainy climate
  • Changes in altitude create 3 climate zones for growing a varietyof crops
  • Abundant rain and fresh steams benefit smart farmers
  • Some land has never been farmed and some has never been exposed to pesticide

Conscious Company

  • Developing people within meaningful work environment
  • Raising the bar for farmers to use best practices
  • Changes in altitude create 3 climate zones for growing a varietyof crops
  • Inspiring farmers to be a role model of excellence from start to finish
  • Long term sustainable practices
  • Focused on being a profitable responsible business
  • Going beyond sourcing from farmers to partnering with farmers
  • Recognizing the dignity of work and its ability to transform lives